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I Became Catholic For Love

Matt and I knew fairly early on that we would get married. There was never a conversation where I he told me that I had to become Catholic; in fact, Matt had assumed that we would get married in the Armenian Church because that was where I was baptized. However, shortly after we were engaged, I decided that I would take the adult confirmation class and convert to the Catholic faith so that we could get married in the church and I would be able to take communion with my husband at our wedding.

Links We Love: Does Marriage Matter?

Links We Love: Does Marriage Matter?

Every week, Traditional Love rounds up the best links and thought provoking articles on love and marriage. This week, we are talking about the new marriage and divorce rates and what exactly do they say (or not say) about the current state of love in America? Also, October marks the beginning of YourTango's 31 Day Sex Challenge, which challenges you to make your love life better this month. Find out what you can do to your sex life in 31 days.


What Am I Going To Tell My Son About S-E-X?

Our son just turned five, and it won’t be too long until he will be getting notes from little girls (or sending them himself) with “Do you like me? Check Yes, No, or Maybe (that middle box)” scrawled across the page. How are we supposed to guide him on this journey of love, sex and marriage? We have figured out a few things we think he should know for his journey.


A Wedding In Qatar

We edged to the back of the room and took in the scene. It must have taken teams to concoct the topiary-like hairdos and apply the rich colors to the women’s faces. From the array of outfits it appeared we were in a cafeteria for extras from different movie sets. A distinctly Western accent interrupted my thoughts. "Have one," a young woman said, motioning to a pile of sticky, honey-glazed deserts on the table next to where we stood. "Dinner won’t get started for hours." She was costumed and made up like a belly dancer, her long gleaming hair flowing straight down her back. In the U.S. this would have been a wildly slutty costume at a Halloween party, but among these women she looked tame.

Links We Love: Married With Guns

Links We Love: Married With Guns

Every week, Traditional Love rounds up the best links about love, marriage and fighting over chores. This week, we are talking about J.J. Abram's new T.V. show Undercovers that's all about marriage and bazookas. Seems about right to me! Also, taking a vacation with your family, finding time for sex and other links we love. Also, make sure you check out YourTango's 31-Day Sex Challenge starting in October. It's going to be epic.


I Was Taught That Dating Is From The Devil

My family wasn't the only one caught up in this idea of courtship. In the wake of the publication of I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, a whole generation of Christian conservatives were booting modern dating out the door. There were rallies and conferences where we jammed out to Christian music and cheered when a speaker said things like, "Dating is of the devil!" or "No kissing before marriage!" We sighed when we heard stories about a couple sharing their first kiss on their wedding day. We weren't just pledging our virginity, we were pledging to stay away from dating, hand-holding, kissing and the opposite sex. We were pledging to prepare ourselves to be good wives by staying submissive to our parents until the day they handed us over to our husbands.

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Should Judges Decide Who Can Get Married?

Across the country couples face the tough decision: to marry or not to marry. But in California that decision is being left up to a judge. A federal judge can't order that people change their minds, however. No court can. Essentially, who is responsible for making important decisions about marriage?

crying bride

Links We Love: Did You Marry The Wrong Person?

Every week, Traditional Love brings you a round up of news and stories about marriage and making it work. This week we are talking about celebrity marriages, self-actualization, marrying the wrong person and other great topics.

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Will Our Kids Be Republican Or Democrat?

I recognize that parenthood is a journey filled with responsibility and challenges far greater than political quibbling. I also realize, that in the end, the political choices of our child are not up to us, but up to that squirming little fetus, who is currently making me puke and want to eat jars and jars of caramel ice cream topping. And yet, I am worried about what we will teach our child about conflict and resolution though our political wranglings. Will our child grow up to be polarized? Afraid of confrontation? Apathetic? Or will our child learn to build consensus and disagree with respect and love?

Three Cheers For Marriage

Three Cheers For Marriage

Even on the best days, marriage can be tough. If you know someone who is married (and we all do) we need you to be fans of our marriage. Cheer us on, and encourage us in our most important relationship!