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Links We Love: Your Brain On Marriage

Every week that we can manage, Traditional Love brings you a round up of the best articles about love, traditional style. This week we're talking about your brain on marriage, party ideas for your lover, erasing your marriage past and so much more.

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Why Welfare Hurts Marriage

Welfare might inadvertently be hurting the marriage rate. Why? Because of something called "means testing." Welfare discourages marriage, but fixing this problem goes deeper than a policy change.

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Are "Engagementcations" Ruining Marriage?

"Engagementcations" are just another way to industrialize and commercialize what is already an over-commercialized and over-industrialized process. Couples don't need more stress and more expenses in their lives, especially when they're just getting started with their lives together. As much as the travel industry wants the "engagementcation" to catch on as a major fad, what's best for couples is not always the same as what's best for the wedding industry.

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Links We Love: Marriage, Groupon, And Porn

This week, the internet was all abuzz (or should we say atwitter?) about Groupon's first marriage proposal and that the Mormon's think that there are real benefits to waiting until marriage for sex. But you might have missed some even better posts about marriage and porn, getting your sexy on in your marraige bed and how to blanance your marriage and social media. You thought the last one was also going to be about sex, didn't you?

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Building A New Home And A New Marriage

When Matt proposes they build a new home, Jennifer is unsure. Because lately she's been feeling as if they lead their lives in parallel, and building will tie them to their lifestyle. But they fall in love with a lot and so must decide: Can you build a home to make your marriage better?

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7 Tips For Setting Goals In Your Marriage

Goal setting is always a big deal in the first days of a new year. How often do you hear about couples setting goals though? Not so often. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about marriage goals in 2011.

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What A Year In Marriage Taught Us About Love

The truth is, all marriages are only as good as the people in them, which is to say, they aren't that great at all. But do our inherent imperfections make marriage and monogamy a dying societal institution? No. Reports of marriage's demise have been greatly exaggerated. No ring, no dress and no promise, can make a person or relationship perfect. And sometimes it takes the rose colored glasses being smashed to smithereens, before we can accept and love what we have in an open and honest way. And while 2010 has been part of that destruction, in a small way it's also contributed to our acceptance of love as it is, not as we want it to be.

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I Married The Grinch

My husband came with me to pick out a tree and he put it up in the stand for me. But then he sat down on the couch, turned on the TV and tuned me and my good tidings out. I, of course, responded by getting upset. And then I was upset because I was upset on Christmas. It was all downhill from there. Three hours later, I had decorated the tree amid gripes, nags and sniffles, and I wasn't feeling any sort of goodwill toward men.


How to Tell Your Kids About Santa

While you may have differing ideas of when and what to tell your kids about the big elf in the red suit. Having the talk about Santa is a time to come together as a couple and a family. And, no matter your experience with Mr. Claus, telling your kids the truth about Santa can be an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Here are some things you can consider together as a couple to help ease the pain: