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Dirty Dancing

Swoon! The 15 Most Romantic Summer Movies Of All Time

In these long-awaited summer months, nothing seems better than soaking up the sun at the beach, swimming in the pool or grilling out at night watching the sunset. However, if you're looking to beat the heat, nothing is yummier than snuggling up to your boyfriend (or best friend!) and popping in a romantic movie. It's the perfect opportunity to escape reality, stress and humidity, and instead embrace comedy, heartache and, most importantly, love.

Was Jesus Really Married? Christian Experts Sound In
Will we ever know for sure if Jesus was married or not?

Was Jesus Really Married? Christian Experts Sound In

When I first heard that a professor at Harvard Divinity School found a piece of ancient papyrus indicating that Jesus had a wife, my initial reaction was one of skepticism and eye rolling. But, in the spirit of speculative fun, I thought I might do a little research. What if Jesus had been married? Would people have thought he loved his wife more than anyone else? Would it mean the God of the universe had sex with a mere mortal—much the way Zeus was rumored to do in ancient Greek mythology?

friends on beach
Do you have enough couple friends in your life? Make them young.

One Person Doesn't Really "Complete You" Or Your Marriage

If I could offer any advice to young couples today it would be to find friends like we are blessed to have. Find friends who share or honor your faith. Find friends who are committed to their marriages and families. Find friends who are brave enough to keep you accountable. Find friends who accept you, believe in you, and build you up. Find friends who want to have fun.

Do you keep score in your marriage? Stop.

Striving For An Equal Marriage? That May Be Why It's Failing

What is the fruit of half a century of self-absorption? Whereas one researcher points to issues such as a reduction in civic responsibility and community service, and a lack of concern over broader societal issues, I see implications for marriage… and they are that are not good.

Do you have an extensive checklist for your dating life?

Please, Put Down Your Dating Checklist Already

Lists: we all have them. Many relationship experts and dating websites advise people to make lists so they might understand exactly what they are looking for in a mate. The goal, perhaps, is to add a bit of logic to an otherwise illogical process of falling for someone, and a little logic never hurt anyone, right?

older couple
Don't lose the spark after your kids are grown.

3 Ways To Avoid "Gray Divorce"

The good news is that the overall rate of divorce in the US is declining. The bad news is that among those fifty years of age and older, the rate of divorce has doubled over the last two decades. In 1990, married couples in this age group accounted for just one in ten divorces. In 2009, that number jumped to nearly one in four. The study also found that the divorce rate was 2.5 times higher for those in this age group who had previous marriages.

Resentment is normal. You just have to learn to work it out and work through it.

Do You Secretly Resent Your Spouse?

My husband joined a gym. He lost ten pounds. In a matter of months, he started to look like Popeye. And to my embarrassment, I resented that.

Are you still focused on the past? Which way will you be taking your marriage?

'Why—After 30 Years Of Marriage—The Best Is Yet To Come'

My lovely wife and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage this week. We are continually amazed at how each year finds us closer and more in love than the year before, and although it is hard to imagine, we both feel that the best years of our marriage are yet to come. That's how I think it should be. Sadly, I often see marriage portrayed as all downhill after the honeymoon. So is less sex, more fights, poorer communication and drifting apart really the inevitable? With a nod to the movie 'Date Night,' is it really just a matter of time before couples settle for becoming just "excellent roommates?" I say no!