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hotel room sex

A Free Hotel Stay With A Sexy Hitch

A hotel chain is opening with plant to allow guests to stay for free. The wrinkle, and I'm not even sure it is a wrinkle, is that cameras will record you having sex, and that the hotel owners will then sell that recorded sex to people on the Internet.

sneaky woman

Woman Fired For Running Background Checks On Dates

A community support officer began her work for the police with a man in her life but, when that operation soured, she began "googling" prospective manfriends using the Police National Computer, which became pretty addicting. Per an investigation, the woman once looked up a man 151 times in a single month. Her secret mission ran aground when she let it slip to one gentleman caller that she'd checked out his personal information on the old computing machine.

Best Of The Web: Robots & What Not To Do (In Bed)

Best Of The Web: Robots & What Not To Do (In Bed)

Why dudes are terse on the phone? Robot sex is no longer adorable. Signs that a guy is a total jerk. Seven things not to say in bed. Five romantic gestures that fail. A hot dinner date idea. A safe office romance. Green card marriage fails. Facebook wedding etiquette. The upside of getting stood up. Sadie Hawkins Day is real. And the new new masculinity.

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Can The Web Protect Your Relationship From PMS?

Hormones can work FOR you. Your menstrual cycle may seem like a bummer but knowing it really well can be quite beneficial to your love life and life in general. That's where comes in handy. They let you know how to make testosterone and estrogen work for you. Two new online tools aim to keep relationships happy and sane during bouts of PMS.


Nutty Judge Crazy About Condoms

You've probably heard this a million times before, but some activist judges really think it's their job to push public policy… even if they have to get their hands dirty. A judge from Intercourse, PA took it upon himself to make sure that various women were in desperate need of barrier protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, and handed them condoms inside of acorns.

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Best Of The Web: Halloween Mayhem

The 50 best couples costumes. What men really think about sexy costumes. What to think about a man's costume. What to do when your guy is too cool to join in the Halloween fun. Cute costumes for singles ready to mingle. How to explain to kids what sexy costumes mean. 22 costumes that will not get you action. Is your costume racist? Is online dating racist? Is your dude going to get mouth or throat cancer from being really nice? And do men like providing a certain really, really nice service?

couple married at drive-thru window

YES! Finally, We Can Have Our McWedding

Fast food has really taken a thumping in the last few decades. To the point that visiting them is either a guilty pleasure or a punchline. The king of all fast food chains has decided to take back its birthright with the McWedding. Is it a strange wedding venue or just another sign of the apocalypse?

child wedding

If You Wait To Marry, Will The Good Ones Be Taken?

Is a child bride slightly OK if betrothed to a child husband? In some weird news, a Syrian family has decided to lock up an engagement before the good ones are all taken. A woman in Taiwan never had that option, and had to marry herself. Strange love, indeed.

Best Of The Web: Monogamy & Rom-Coms

Best Of The Web: Monogamy & Rom-Coms

Reasons for and against monogamy. What some ladies think about porn. Why dudes hate romantic comedies. A few good romantic comedies. Why you shouldn't fake the big O. How to please a woman (in bed). The merits of condomless sex. What is Sloppy Laydown? Seriously, stop whining, it's killing your relationship. Deanna Favre has faith. Seven signs he could be cheating. A woman married... herself. Getting tricked into buying your own engagement ring. Let's get some courtship back in modern romance. And what his Halloween costume says about him.

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The Saga Divorce Is On The Rise

Many men over 50 get divorced in part because they are no longer having sex, whereas roughly the same number of women get divorced because their partner has become emotionally distant and cold. Sort of a chicken and egg situation, if you ask me. Also, as the home becomes an empty nest, some couples realize that they were staying together for the kids, and don't have much else in common. What's at the root of it all?