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Best Of The Web: Vasectomies & Timmy Gordon

Best Of The Web: Vasectomies & Timmy Gordon

Getting a reverse vasectomy. Why dudes don't say "I love you." Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are in twuble. The best royal weddings. Chicks like vibrators. A man's guide to buying lingerie. Thanksgiving WITHOUT the family. Finding the divinity in your partner. Understanding the misunderstood date. Breaking the bedroom rules. Why settling sucks. When your ex's new gal hates you. How Facebook stalking can kill you (the person doing the stalking).

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How The Economy's Affecting Swingers Clubs

It's rough out there, friends. Unemployment is high. Banks are taking a harder stance on foreclosures. And something else that's really crappy. But America's happiest people, swingers (don't argue with me about this), are really starting to feel the pinch too. NYC swingers clubs are getting beat up by the economy. And a woman in Illinois TRIED to beat up a cop with a sex toy over an unpaid bill. BUT not all sex toy stories are bad news. A hilarious and uplifting tale about when to say when.

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Hetero Couple Denied Civil Union. Again.

A couple comprised of one Tom Freeman and one Katherine Doyle have had their world turned upside down. A little back story: in London, a homosexual couple can commit to each other in the eyes of the law and of the crown by way of civil union, whereas a heterosexual pair must have a wedding. But Doyle and Freeman would prefer a civil union to a plain Jane marriage.

The Return Of Alice AND Timmy

The Return Of Alice AND Timmy

We produced a video about Facebook manners and dating rules last year that completely took off. There is literally not a household in America that doesn't know the names Alice and Timmy. Despite the video's ominous ending, we felt the Alice and Timmy story wasn't over. To that regard (and because we LOVE the idealized 1950s), we've created a 14-part video series about how Alice and Timmy met and what technology SHOULD have been like 50 years ago. Check us out on Facebook to see the WHOLE story.

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Best Of The Web: Men Fake It Too & Deal-Breakers

Are you ready for have sex with a guy with a mustache day? What are you guy must-haves? What do fellas think of single moms? Why you should date a divorcee. Another term for a gal who hasn't had sex in a while. Could you be a sex addict? Finishing yourself off. Men fake orgasms too. A women in the UK is breaking condoms to get pregnant. Not everyone thinks making out in a bar is awesome. What his sport of choice says about him. Why YOU should date Betty White. And making the perfect apology.

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UK Youths Have Some Kooky Notions About Love

A conservative group in England has sent a pamphlet to every secondary school (high school to me and you) extolling the virtues of abstinence. Premarital sex, per the group, is "ugly and destructive and will lead to misery and regret." Also, 16.5% of college students polled said they'd consider prostitution.

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A Free Hotel Stay With A Sexy Hitch

A hotel chain is opening with plant to allow guests to stay for free. The wrinkle, and I'm not even sure it is a wrinkle, is that cameras will record you having sex, and that the hotel owners will then sell that recorded sex to people on the Internet.

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Woman Fired For Running Background Checks On Dates

A community support officer began her work for the police with a man in her life but, when that operation soured, she began "googling" prospective manfriends using the Police National Computer, which became pretty addicting. Per an investigation, the woman once looked up a man 151 times in a single month. Her secret mission ran aground when she let it slip to one gentleman caller that she'd checked out his personal information on the old computing machine.

Best Of The Web: Robots & What Not To Do (In Bed)

Best Of The Web: Robots & What Not To Do (In Bed)

Why dudes are terse on the phone? Robot sex is no longer adorable. Signs that a guy is a total jerk. Seven things not to say in bed. Five romantic gestures that fail. A hot dinner date idea. A safe office romance. Green card marriage fails. Facebook wedding etiquette. The upside of getting stood up. Sadie Hawkins Day is real. And the new new masculinity.

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Can The Web Protect Your Relationship From PMS?

Hormones can work FOR you. Your menstrual cycle may seem like a bummer but knowing it really well can be quite beneficial to your love life and life in general. That's where comes in handy. They let you know how to make testosterone and estrogen work for you. Two new online tools aim to keep relationships happy and sane during bouts of PMS.