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Best Of The Web: Last-Minute Gifts!

Ten last minute AND inexpensive gifts. A great gift guide for your gadget geek guy. Gifts that will not make anyone want to sleep with you. A thoughtful approach to giving nice gifts. How about giving to charity instead? Is there such thing as gift etiquette? Yup, there is. A slightly more scientific approach to gifts from TheGiftInsider. What if your husband stinks at giving gifts? Maybe his quirks are just something you'll grow to love. What do people really thing about mistletoe? How a single guy navigates Xmas. What to do about the holiday blues. Living with season-related loneliness. Should you breakup with him before or after Christmas? Rich women prefer a rich man. And something to read by the fire: the best of Craigslist personals 2010.

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Does Marriage Make Men Softies?

There is a theory that if we locked away all dudes from puberty through car rental age (25), we'd erase the lion's share of violence. Young men do really dopey things (sometimes to look cool for chicks) and, periodically, those things get people hurt, killed or arrested. But there is a theory that it's marriage that makes men less crazy. Though some argue that men who get married were less up for shenanigans in the first place. You decide.


Best Of The Web: Red Flags & Silver-Linings

More red flags. Signs he may be boyfriend material. Five great holiday date ideas. A terrible stocking stuffer for him. A terrible book gift for her. Becoming more responsible online. Crowdsourcing your wedding. The steamiest sex scenes of 2010 movies. Twenty ways to get in the mood as a tired mom. When your husband wants to become a swinger. The silver-lining of any breakup. Things to make you realized your relationship isn't ideal. Getting out of an abusive relationship. Evidently, guys have "come-sex-me-up" outfits too. News to me.

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27 Strangest Love & Sex Stories of 2010

You think your love life is weird? Well, it probably is, weirdo. But we're pretty sure it can't touch these weird weddings, cries for help, court cases and absurdly bad decisions made by so-called adults.


When Flirting Means Playing A Character

Being a human-being (and thinking and saying and doing) means sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone. Unless you're The Most Interesting Man In The World, you may have to fake it until you make it here and there. Unless you're moving from being a socially-awkward recluse to a world famous motivational speaker, nowhere is stepping outside of your comfort zone so necessary as dating. There's a reason that boozin' leads to shmoozin' which leads to smoochin'.

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Best Of The Web: Marriage Rules & Tokophobia

Did you know that sex blindness is a thing? Why you should listen to what your body is telling your emotions (and vice versa). He's afraid of your sex toys, sorry. Magnetic underpants, yep, a real thing too. Predispositions to One-night stands may be genetic. Does the first date still exist? How long before you determine that you like your first date? Serial monogamy. How to date a Sagittarius. Not every woman wants babies, do they need a tattoo? Why you may avoid your dad a few days out of 28. A few great proposal ideas. And ten marriage rules you can go ahead and break.

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I Was Almost A Social Media Junkie

I started using Facebook and Twitter grudgingly. But then, like a third sip of beer, I started loving it, eventually enjoying it with meals. Had I gone from flip-phone loving Luddite to iPhone-obsessed social media addict?

Best Of The Web: Jive Turkey Days

Best Of The Web: Jive Turkey Days

Solo at Thanksgiving? Six tips for reducing holiday stress. Fighting the deeper causes of family-gather anxiety. Ten holiday faux pas to avoid. How not to get caught at the booze-bag table. Things your mother-in-law really wants to tell you. Travel anxiety affects even the best men. How and why to always look your best... just in case. Pole Dancer Magazine. The difference between compromise and settling, very thoughtfully explained. Fifty things that guys should be able to do. And more from Alice and Timmy.

Lying About Your "Number" & A Girl From Canada

Lying About Your "Number" & A Girl From Canada

People aren't always the most honest about their dating lives. From virginity status to choice of partners to how much money you make, sometimes we just can't bear to tell the truth. Our favorite 50s hero, Timmy Gordon, may not be 100% forthcoming about his relationships than we would have liked.

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World's Tallest Couple Made "Official" In California

You ever see a really tall dude and a woman of average to less-than-average height and catch yourself saying or thinking, "it must be awkward to get sexy"? Well, a pair of tall people have finally decided to take our feelings into consideration. Californians Wayne and Laurie Hallquist measure a cool 13' 4.35" between them, and the Guinness Book says they're the tallest couple on the planet.