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A Reason For Facebook: Get Sex Sooner

Have you been looking for a reason to get on Facebook, Twitter, 4Square and Wuphf? According to Reuters there's finally a good one? Social media is no-holds-barred boning fest. The magazines Shape and Men's Fitness surveyed 1,200 people and found that 80% of ladies and 58% of dudes think that social media leads to faster sex. And not actually faster sex (I think we blame porn for that) but sex sooner in a relationship. Though, interestingly, only 38% of women believe social media itself led to the sooner screwing in their specific relationships

expensive silkworm

Is A Fungus-y Silkworm The New New Viagra?

The pharmaceutical industry seems to be built around combating erectile dysfunction. But some men take on impotence the old-fashioned way. They look to nature for a way to aphrodisiac their way into quality erections. The latest, greatest fix is a fungus-covered worm from the Himalayas called the yarsagumba.

Valentine's Day

Iran To Ban Valentine's Day

Since overthrowing the Shah in 1979, the leaders of Iran have tried to oppose Western influence. This time around, they've decided that Valentine's Day is not appropriate for the Persian people. Some people want to switch it with a holiday called Mehregan but we all know that Hallmark probably won't take this sitting down.

love addiction

Best Of The Web: Love Addiction & Resentment

The 31-Day Love Life Makeover! Do bisexuals cheat more often? What is love addiction? Should we just give up on online dating? Young people are terrible at romantic relationships. Things you're allowed to do after a breakup. Serial monogamy in all it's glory. Getting past resentment. How to be friends with benefits. Getting over sexual jealousy. The bummer of having an allergy to semen. Having sex while she's menstruating. And why his sent drives her wild.

Alice Johnson

Should You Crowdsource Your Love Life?

We all like having a wise person guide us through our problems. But can a person we don't know really help us with relationship advice? Crowdsourcing is a great tool for determining if something is generally good but what it's not great at is nuance. Would you randomly ask strangers for love advice? Would you take it?

hiding money

30% Of Couples Engage In Financial Infidelity

Per a study conducted by Harris Interactive, 31% of couples (over 2,000 were polled) have committed financial perfidy. The findings were very interesting and two items in particular stuck out: 1) The most common shadiness was that 58% of people admit to hiding cash; and 2) 15% of respondents have hidden a banking account. It was also revealed that men and women were just as likely to hide money.


Best Of The Web: The New Zodiac & Talking Dirty

When is a Chewbacca impression acceptable? What do men want to hear in the bedroom? What would men change about sexuality, if wishes were fishes? What is Timmy Gordon up to with that lad mag? The physics of space sex. What the Zodiac mix up means to you. What to expect when dating a Capricorn. What every newly divorced person needs to know. How helpful dating studies really are. Surviving a vacation with your main squeeze. And the 31-Day Lovelife Makeover!

knee to the groin

Let's Consider Mangling Genitals To Be A Last Option

Floridians and Germans, we can all agree, do some weird things. Recently, they've both been up to venting their frustration via mangling male genitalia. At this point, we should consider any sort of assault to anyone's genitals as a last resort... particularly when it comes to relationship issues.

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Funeral Homes Now Hosting Weddings

Not everyone wants to go into debt for their wedding. And those same people don't want to necessarily get married in Vegas. That's when compromise comes in. Do you get married in the winter or on a non-Saturday? Or do you find a new venue. While you're trying a new venue you should consider a funeral home, it's like a church but slightly sadder.