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UK Survey Suggests 1/3 Of Orgasms Faked

From Daily India London, Apr 3: One in three women regularly fake orgasms, a survey has revealed the average woman has sex 99 times a year, but on 34 occasions they do not reach the zenith. In the poll of 4,000 women, 30 per cent admitted they had faked an orgasm with every partner they have had. And 90 per cent say blokes cannot distinguish a fake from the real thing. Twenty per cent said they thought about other men during sex to turn themselves on. The survey by market researchers OnePoll is not all bad news for the men. Over 80 per cent of women said they would rather be with a bloke who was a flop in bed but was kind and caring than a sensational lover who showed little or no affection. Tango’s Take

Erotic Art Aims to Stimulate More Than The Mind

By Brian Alexander MSNBC contributor Forty years ago, a key Supreme Court case with a Kafka-esque name, United States v. Ten Erotic Paintings, put works of some of the great modern artists of Europe on trial. Seventeen years ago, an exhibit of the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe in Cincinnati wound up getting a museum curator arrested on obscenity charges. He was later acquitted. Five years ago, U.S.

The First Conception Kit For At-Home Use

From March 23, 2007 Millions of people the world over struggle with fertility issues each year and until recently have had few options beyond expensive drugs or very expensive, invasive medical procedures. The Conceivex Conception Kit is the first comprehensive reproductive healthcare system designed for couples and was this week granted 510K clearance by the U.S. FDA. The Conception Kit contains fertility prediction tools, semen collectors and the only FDA-cleared home-use cervical cap for conception, which are designed to be used together for up to three months in order to enhance the couple’s chance of becoming pregnant. The cornerstone of the US$300 kit is the Conception Cap, which brings the semen in direct contact with the cervix for four to six hours, increasing the opportunity for sperm to move into the uterine cavity and fertilize an egg at the most opportune time. Read More…

Study Finds: Most Women Prefer Mediocre Sex

From Pravda Women have high expectations for nearly every area of their lives, but when it comes to sex, they settle for less. And most women keep their dissatisfaction with sex a secret, leaving their partners (let alone their doctors) in the dark, said Anita Clayton, a psychiatrist who focuses on women’s sexuality at the University of Virginia Health System. “Whereas men, if they have trouble with sex, it’s a crisis. They run to the doctor and say ‘I need something for this.’ Women don’t do that. They just sort of stuff it down and push it further down on the list,” Clayton said. With surveys and years of clinical experience, Clayton has compiled a vast collection of data on women’s sex lives. Often, she said, a female patient would visit her with issues like marital problems or depression, and only when directly asked about sex, the patient would divulge dissatisfaction. Read More…

Sleepwalkers Having Sex Sleep

From The BBC Imagine finding unexplained condoms around your house and then waking up one night to find your partner having sex with a stranger. It might sound like an affair, but what if your "cheating" partner was fast asleep during the act? The phenomenon, called sleep sex, was described to doctors at a meeting in Australia. Sleep physician Peter Buchanan, from Sydney's Royal Alfred Hospital, described this real life case. Read More… Tango’s Take

Honeymoon For Baby Making

From Gannett News Service By Gene Sloan Those naughty, naughty hoteliers. First they bring us "babymoon" packages - hedonistic, honeymoon-like getaways for soon-to-be parents who want one last fling before the baby arrives. Now they're selling us even spicier packages designed to help make those babies in the first place.

Developers Aim To Lure Women To Adult Games

From Daniel Terdiman SAN FRANCISCO--They might not think of it this way, but the designers of adult-oriented video games are a little bit like nightclub owners: they are always trying to figure out how to attract women as the ultimate lure for larger groups of male customers.

Harvard Freshmen Get Frank, Racy Sex Talk

From The Harvard Crimson By BERYL C.D. LIPTON Harvard students looking to score a few pointers from a local sex expert were left in a state of anticipation last night, receiving more level-headed advice than titillating tips. In an event headlined as a “scintillating and sexy talk,” Amber A. Madison—the author of “Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality”—spent an hour discussing college students’ most intimate sexual concerns. Read More… Tango’s Take

Office Romances Can Be Tricky

From The Associated Press By Joyce M. Rosenberg Most small-business owners have to deal at some time or another with employees who date, perhaps fall in love and probably break up. It’s pretty hard to prohibit workers from becoming romantically involved, but owners can take steps to ensure that a relationship doesn’t get in the way of getting the job done. Tango’s Take In night’s episode of ‘The Office’ in which Jan required Michael to sign away his right to sue the paper company if their relationship sours his work experience. After that show, this article seemed relevant. Where does a nice girl meet a nice fellow? Options: work, bar, friends, school, gymnasium or dating service. With sleeping hours removed, most of our time is spent working or commuting to and from work. Eliminating office romance really cuts down on prospects. Just be discreet, compartmentalize work and love life, don’t abuse office equipment too much and for God’s sake DO NOT work for a family business.