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Wedding Video Studio Ruins Customers Lives

Wedding Video Studio Ruins Customers’ Lives

A wedding video studio operation out of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania recently had to close their doors. Unfortunately, they had not finished producing a lot of wedding videos. And they're basically out of money. Before they closed down, there were already many complaints about them by NJ residents. This could get really ugly. For some reason, people are pretty touchy about their wedding memories and keepsakes.

Republicans Have More Sex

In a survey conducted on behalf of Playboy, it was revealed that a greater percentage of Republicans have sex once per week than Democrats. Other than that, it looks like Democrats typically have more liberal attitudes about sex than GOP-types. Although, the survey only had 900 participants. So, who knows.

UK: Male Sex Addictions On The Rise

Evidently, the ease and quality of computer porn is a problem. In a survey conducted by the BBC, therapists note a major increase in sex addiction among men. And the leading cause is online spank material.

Circumcision Does Not Alter Sexual Satisfaction

A study by Johns Hopkins University on 5,000 Ugandan men has revealed that there is no appreciable drop-off in sexual satisfaction for circumcised versus uncircumcised men. The hope is compile enough similar evidence that men will start getting this procedure done to help protect against the AIDS virus.

Poll: NJ Men Claim To Be Very Sexually Active

A study by Monmouth University in New Jersey shows that male residents of that state have more sexual partners than the women. And that they want sex more often. While the numbers probably don't add up, this is an interesting window into the psyche of the Garden State.

Best Of The Dish 2007: Parenting

Sure everyone can purchase a mug that says ‘#1 Dad,’ but it takes a lot of nerve to claim that someone is the best parent. We’ve noticed that celebrities and those around them have been throwing up these superlatives about their childrearing skills all year. We have the boldest parenting claims (and a couple of other crazy parent stories) from 2007.

Older, White Gals Are Kenya's Newest Sex Tourists

According to Reuters, sex tourism isn't just for men any more. Kenya has experienced a massive boom in sex tourism by women from Europe. These women are looking for younger men to romance and sex them. Is someone being exploited? Or Stella just getting her groove back?

Study: Children Do Not Make Couples Any Happier

A recent study came out in the UK suggesting that children actually make couples less happy. How is this possible? We were always told that having kids can solve all problems and is the best thing to do if a relationship is starting to waver. Thank goodness someone finally put that theory to a test.