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woman headache

Sex Can Cure Some Headaches

Studies have shown that sex can be nearly as effective as the leading migraine medication in curing headaches. That's the good news. Studies have also shown that sex cause migraines with some women. And there is a thing called an orgasmic headache that is just bad news for everyone.

office flirting

Is Office Flirting Good For Business?

The office spouse has been around a while. They're someone to commiserate with about work and personal issues. And sometimes someone fun to flirt with. Everyone has horror stories about crossing the line. But some experts that if things are completely platonic that the work spouse is a great source of confidence and can really increase work output.

1 In 4 Kids In Divorce Becomes Parental Pawn

A trio of professors from the University of Grenada have published a book on divorce and its affect on children. They posit that 1/4 of children in divorces are conditioned by one parent to dislike the other. The phenomenon is called Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Sex And Porn Cause Debt Problems In UK

According to a debt helpline in London, sex and porn addiction is now the 3rd biggest cause of money problems. Callers list porn purchases, strip club and brothel visits, sexual harassment suits, and dissolved marriages as major debt problems.

Reasons To Flirt

Reasons To Flirt

In Time's current issue, they go through in the ins and outs of the new science and theories of love. One of the articles was about flirting. Mostly it's to get what we want; a person, attention, or perks.

Study: Bisexual Women Are Not Lesbians

Dr. Lisa Diamond of the University of Utah just completed a 10-year study of bisexual women. Her conclusion is that bisexual women are generally not lesbians in hiding. For the most part, the defined themselves as bisexual throughout the 10 years, rather than changing orientation. Good to know.

Wedding Video Studio Ruins Customers Lives

Wedding Video Studio Ruins Customers’ Lives

A wedding video studio operation out of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania recently had to close their doors. Unfortunately, they had not finished producing a lot of wedding videos. And they're basically out of money. Before they closed down, there were already many complaints about them by NJ residents. This could get really ugly. For some reason, people are pretty touchy about their wedding memories and keepsakes.

Republicans Have More Sex

In a survey conducted on behalf of Playboy, it was revealed that a greater percentage of Republicans have sex once per week than Democrats. Other than that, it looks like Democrats typically have more liberal attitudes about sex than GOP-types. Although, the survey only had 900 participants. So, who knows.

UK: Male Sex Addictions On The Rise

Evidently, the ease and quality of computer porn is a problem. In a survey conducted by the BBC, therapists note a major increase in sex addiction among men. And the leading cause is online spank material.