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Roadside Signs Used To Win Wife Back

Roadside Signs Used To Win Wife Back

A Australian man is in a bad way after a split with his wife of 15 years. So, he did what any self-respecting man would do: drink. Then he did what every self-besotted man would do: plan. Then he did what any hungover man would do: implement plan: So he's constructed signs about town asking for forgiveness. And it just may work.

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Orgasm Device Awaits FDA Approval

Inventor Stuart Meloy thinks he's about to solve everyone's problems. He's created an invention called the Orgasmatron. It's supposedly able to bring any person to climax by attaching electrodes to their spine. The FDA is checking all this out and if things go well it could be on shelves in a couple of years.

Man’s Tirade Cures Wife Of Coma

Man’s Tirade Cures Wife Of Coma

A woman in Somerset, England passed into a coma due to pregnancy complications. She was 'rescued' from that coma by her husband telling her off. Amazingly enough, within two hours of the haranguing she was starting to breathe on her own. Hughie Lewis would call it the power of love.

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Sex On Campus Is Not all It’s Cracked Up To Be

For whatever reason, there is an abundance of sexual content on college campuses. Yale, Harvard, and Boston University all have student publications focused on the beast with two backs (which probably just depends on angles). But evidence suggests that college students are not doing it nearly as much as those that came (or faked it) before them. What's the deal?

Sex Toy Ban In Texas Overturned

Sex Toy Ban In Texas Overturned

Texas has had a law in the books making sex toy sales illegal. Something about lewdness, turpitude, etc. But that law was recently overturned by the 5th Circuit Court. They said that the 14th Amendment was some how infringed. Sex toys in Texas? Don't that beat all.

Romantic Igloo Getaways?

Romantic Igloo Getaways?

Sure a trip to Costa Rica is romantic. But how about something that forces you to share a little body heat? Several major Swiss resorts are offering travelers the chance to do sleep in an igloo. And these are sprawling, luxury igloos. Be careful not to get too hot, these things are made of ice.

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Sex Can Cure Some Headaches

Studies have shown that sex can be nearly as effective as the leading migraine medication in curing headaches. That's the good news. Studies have also shown that sex cause migraines with some women. And there is a thing called an orgasmic headache that is just bad news for everyone.

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Is Office Flirting Good For Business?

The office spouse has been around a while. They're someone to commiserate with about work and personal issues. And sometimes someone fun to flirt with. Everyone has horror stories about crossing the line. But some experts that if things are completely platonic that the work spouse is a great source of confidence and can really increase work output.

1 In 4 Kids In Divorce Becomes Parental Pawn

A trio of professors from the University of Grenada have published a book on divorce and its affect on children. They posit that 1/4 of children in divorces are conditioned by one parent to dislike the other. The phenomenon is called Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Sex And Porn Cause Debt Problems In UK

According to a debt helpline in London, sex and porn addiction is now the 3rd biggest cause of money problems. Callers list porn purchases, strip club and brothel visits, sexual harassment suits, and dissolved marriages as major debt problems.