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Is The Problem With Condoms The Cost?

The city of New York has a major STD awareness campaign in full swing. And any responsible STD awareness campaign also includes solutions. In this case, the city is giving away free condoms. In addition the city is giving away a treasure map to these free condoms in the form of a smart phone app that leads safe sex-conscious folks to the free condom distribution centers. Will free condoms help? What about an app for finding them? Are these places open all night?

Valentine's Day Nerd

Best Of The Web: V-Day & Break Up With Your Ex

Is the Hall Pass anti-marriage. Are men programmed to cheat? Do guys have painful sex? Bedroom etiquette. Avoiding Valentine's Day cliches. Common mistakes men make on V-Day. How to avoid Valentine's Day entirely. What other places turn a man on? Playing hard to get works? How gay marriage will lead to robot marriage. And it's time to break up with your ex, y'all.

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Dang. Is Porn To Blame For All This ED?

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow by the name of Davy Rothbart wrote a piece for New York Magazine that was one part confessional and one part trend piece about dudes being unable to do the deed with a real life lady because of the amount of porn they've consumed. Is porn really the villain?


We Could All Use A Makeover Now And Again

As part of our Love Life Makeover series, we gave a recently jilted woman an actual makeover. It's amazing what a little shopping spree and a new hairdo will do for a lady's self-esteem. Enjoy Dr. Diana Kirschner's advice on how prepare for a great new you.

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Maybe You Should Try This Anti-Dating Site

For the most part, there are two strategies with online dating: it's either a number's game or a matter of niche. But is it possible to be too niche? For instance, is in many ways a homage to traditional dating sites, but it's also a parody. While its features and first-person accounts are funny, will people tuse a site that makes a joke of the whole dating experience?

Emotional Vampire

Best Of The Web: Emotional Vampires & Hitting On Dudes

Why men don't initiate divorces. Put a little wiggle back in your relationship. How to get rid of an emotional vampire. How not to hit on a dude at a bar. When you realize your relationship is just an extended booty call. Eye-contact during sex? Can virgins date non-virgins. Sex And The City ruined everything. Did you know young dudes are more apt to settle down? Engagement ultimatums just don't work. What if your boyfriend still has a dating profile? Ten goofy Valentine's Day promotions. And how to make your V-Day not terrible.

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Do Naked Ladies Improve The Super Bowl?

For decades, cheerleaders were enough sexiness to offset the violence of football. But now, it looks like that's not enough. From Janet Jackson to the Lingerie Bowl to Dallas' stripper deficiency to Ryan Pickett's anti-Internet porn stance, has the game gotten full of too many sex images?

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Don't Make Out At This Hindu Temple

In a spot of weird news, a Kathmandu Hindu temple is outlawing PDA. Evidently, courting young lovers use the temple's grounds of canoodling and the pandits think they should take it more seriously. To whit, anyone found courting will be hit with a fine that amounts to about $7. Take that, young libertines.

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Best Of The Web: Listening & Bad Habits

The 31-Day Love Life Makeover! Hitting on the bartender. The most disturbing sex-themed films. What his bad habits say about him. Why men (allegedly) don't listen. What NOT to say to a girl who's been dumped. Six tips for surviving rejection. How smooching can paralyze you. Can you trick a guy into loving you by having sex with him? Signs that your "the one" for him... or not. And knocking down the internal walls before you can receive love.

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Why Are Male Sex Toys So Sketchy?

Why are sex toys for men so skeevy? The vibrator has become largely accepted in our culture, but any yonic-shaped items make people uncomfortable. Is it just that male sexuality is relatively easy to understand, and men are really good at self-gratification?