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Dudes Not Really Afraid Of Commitment

Bachelors are people too. Author Carl Weisman is a man in his 40's and he's written a book exploring the reasons that people don't get married. And it's typically not because their commitment-phobic.

Listen Up: Lady-hating or Mantastic?

Listen Up: Lady-hating or Mantastic?

A sound amplification device called the Listen Up has a pretty interesting ad campaign: hate on women. Their commercial paints women as gossip-y, church-going shrews that must be audibly canceled out. Or is it just a great device for dudes? You be the judge.

Rock Band Saved Their Marriage

Rock Band Saved Their Marriage

A great first-person essay about how video games were the great divider and uniter in a marriage. A woman is at the end of her rope with her man-boy husband that love to unwind with some video games in the evening. Then a miracle happened: Rock Band.

sex pills

Sex Pills And The City

A couple of different cases of dangerous aphrodisiacs in New York City. First, a dude died from ingesting toad venom for it's purported sexual powers. And second, the FDA has discovered that some of the pills on the convenience store counter may actually work. Maybe too well.


Good Advice On Bad Sex Advice

The writers over at Jezebel don't really take to kindly to sexpert talk these days. And they do not care for FoxNews' advice on the 10 worst things women do in bed drive home their point.

british men low libido

No Sex Please, We’re English

According to a recent survey, British men are 'off sex.' Men in their 30's through 50's are, per a survey, having less sex than ever. What's causing this no sex insurrection?

rice university open

Sex Mag Launched At Rice U.

What's it with all of these sex magazines popping up at colleges? Are they rubbing it in our faces how awesome college was? Or is it something else? Rice University (a real college) just launched one called Open. Good things.

masturbation cuts cancer

Masturbation May Cut Cancer Risk

A study in Australia has shown that frequent ejaculation can lower cancer risk. There is a yet-unknown link between prostate cancer and ejaculate. But doing it more frequently seems to be a good thing.


Turkeys Sexually Assault WI Mailmen

According to the Chicago Tribune, wild turkeys are terrorizing Madison, WI. The sex-crazed fowl are assaulting mailmen with reckless abandon. No one is exactly sure what's going on. Or when it's going to stop.