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heart attack

Can Sex Explode Your Heart?

A study conducted by the Tufts Medical Center's Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies states that your risk for heart attack is tripled after sex. While you may be justifiably concerned about your sexual health, don't scream, "Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick" and go for an emergency libido-ectomy just yet. Keep in mind that your chances are still really small that it'll happen.

Mr. wrong

Best Of The Web: Mr. Wrongs & Master Manipulators

What if a guy you like is an annoying talker? Are you dating Mr. Wrong? Can cheating on your boyfriend ever be justified. Five signs a woman is being unfaithful. The secret benefits of ED. Why keeping your looks up while you're in a relationship is a huge sign of love. One-quarter of women were disappointed in how they were proposed to. A long-term relationship CAN start from a one-night stand. Facebook got a man caught for polygamy. Web addresses can now end .xxx. Was the breakup more about you or him? And are you dating a master manipulator.

body language

Best Of The Web: Birth Order & Body Language

What your birth-order says about compatibility. Keeping it exciting but safe in your relationship. "Accidentally" forgetting condoms. The ten worst things to say after receiving oral love. What a lady's body language says about her. Inside the men's rights movement. Is social climbing a turn-off? Are you a trophy girlfriend? 12 dating phrase that must be retired. Getting revenge on the other woman, one pair of pants at a time. Some thoughts from comedians about sex and reproduction rights. And how to cook a great date dinner.

arrested couple

Facebook Unfriending Lands Couple In Jail

A woman in Brooksville, Florida unfriended her live-in boyfriend whilst in a pique about something or other. And that very umbrage came back many-fold as the live-in boyfriend confronted his lady about the unfriending and her status change to single (and, implicitly, ready to mingle). Eventually, the fracas came to such a boil that John Law was called to the feuding couple's mutual residence.

computer wedding

A Skype Wedding For A Sick Groom

A couple in California decided that a little lung infection wasn't going to ruin their weekend wedding plans. As there were upwards of 500 guests attending from as far as away as Korea, they decided not to delay their nuptials. Instead, they went ahead with the ceremony--with the bride in the church and the groom in the hospital--via Skype. Everyone wins!

long distance relationship

Best Of The Web: LDRs & His Insecurities

When your long-distance relationship gets closer and suddenly fails. What his bathing suit says about him. The Northwestern University sex toy demonstration. Maybe you're having too many orgasms. The biggest male insecurities. Giving a guy a chance. Single women aren't to blame for being single. The woman who always talks on the phone deserves your scorn. Young people are waiting to do it. Don't date a woman who is a lot hotter than you. A guide to being a bread-winning woman.

Japanese couple

Japan's Waning Libido Causing Concern

Men in the Land of the Rising Sun are losing their libidos. The story goes that 36 percent of boys ages 16 to 19 in Japan have "little to no interest" in sex. Over 80 percent of 20-year-old Japanese dudes are currently not dating anyone. And half of the two decaders have NEVER had a girlfriend (note: some writers were into their 20s before they had their first girlfriends, so let's not judge). Dig this: the young ladies are even more uninterested in sex.

eye contact

Getting Checked Out May Lower Your Test Scores

Does getting checked out give you self-esteem? Does unnerving eye contact inspire you to standardized test greatness? Per a study, giving a woman an "objectifying" glance lessens her ability to perform well on a test. An ogled woman doesn't score as well as a women with whom strict eye contact was kept.

blind date

Best Of The Web: Blind Dates & Going Braless

Reviews of Hall Pass. What to do with fading lust. A foot fetish. Dating while bra-less. Six tips for surviving a blind date. The dreaded "what are we to each other" conversation. 8 ways to turn on a lady. When your dumb date thinks you're dumb. Sex myths debunked. More benefits of sex. Why your number doesn't matter. Why you get in the same relationship every time. And 10 reasons you're not married.