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robot hand holding metal flower

Couple Married By Robot In Japan

Before the next logical step of humans "romancing" and eventually marrying robots, we'll have them perform other jobs in and around love and relationship to become accustomed to human emotions and the nature of romance. Those jobs will initially include wedding cake icer, flower girl and priest. Our friends at The Frisky have it on good authority (including a video) that a Japanese couple has been married by a robot. Evidently, through hook or crook (but most likely articulated robo-arm) the robot actually brought the two together in the first place.

tom miller

The Best Of The Web: Birthdays & One-Night Stands

The pill turns 50. Crabs via the mail. Kissing frogs... finding princes. Cheating after Mother's Day. Is it sex or making love? Embarrassing stories involving repeating birds. The 10 strangest fetishes. Another angle on girl hot vs. guy hot. Tell-all divorce blogs... in good taste? Crazy chicks and drastic haircuts.

tae kwon do

5 Love Lessons From Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do, roughly translated to "the art of kicking and punching," is one of the most popular martial arts in America. The Korean fighting style was once known for its striking blows, but has since incorporated holds, pressure points and takedowns. It sounds violent, but some of the tenets of Tae Kwon Do are secretly great love lessons.

man enjoying woman's thong

Women, Wear Sexy Underwear… Or Don't

As you all know, fellas are relatively visual when it comes to arousal. Because of this, we are pretty turned on by your sexy underwear... or are we? Do men like pretty lingerie because it's attractive, or because we're convinced that ladies think it's attractive? When it comes to sexy underpants, who do you dress for, really?

mother's day

The Best Of The Web: Mom's Day & Ugly People

Nine ways to celebrate Mother's Day. Being a stay-at-home mom. Making a sex tape AND not getting caught. Breaking up via social media, a how to. 10 songs about bad sex. Recovering from a serious text message gaff. Low libido for ladies under 30. Ugly people are better in bed? Bedroom quid pro quo. A wallet made for condoms. And hotel room sex.

unfaithful mom

Mother's Day Is For… Cheaters?

Sometimes, Mother's Day is a little under-whelming. Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman believes that this causes many women to have affairs starting the day after the holiday. Are we less tolerant of sexless marriages? Are uncommon arrangements becoming more common? Do you think crummy Mother's Days may lead to more cheating?

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5 Products That Will "Save" Your Relationship!

It's only natural that couples use innovation to get closer, get on each other's nerves less and, most importantly, get even. Here are the top five products for saving your relationship because things just aren't working on their own. Enjoy the information, the commercial and the infomercials

emoticon angry man with cell phone

Dudes Don't Emoticon

As flirting via text message has become de rigueur, some sacrifices have been made: grammar, salutations, sarcasm, irony, capitalization and other hallmarks of pleasant communication have all fallen on their swords so that we can be less inconvenienced. To keep things even more convenient, we've added short alpha/numeric/punctuation combinations so as to show digital emotion rather than conveying an actual thought or idea. But, despite being the dominant gender in terms of conducting an entire relationship via SMS, dudes are generally not down with emoticons.

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Does The Internet Make Hitting On Women Too Easy?

Some men sometimes aren't as brave, particularly when it comes to relationships, as we'd like to think we are. Getting our lights punched out is generally less scary than being rejected by some broad. For this reason, God invented alcohol. But with the advent of online dating and social media (social networking), liquid


Do Indonesian Authorities Hate The Male Member?

Policemen or prospective policemen should just forget about getting work in Papua if they've had (to use advertising parlance) that "special" part enlarged. Evidently, the military has fallen into lockstep with this anti-donkey dong directive. The official line is that an over-sized phallus will be a "hindrance during training," so says police mouthpiece Zainuri Lubis. On top of that, after the trailer to "Cowboys In Paradise" was aired, many young gigolos were arrested on the island of Bali, particularly the Kuta Beach region. Sounds likes some haterade was drank by the fuzz.