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crummy boyfriend

Awesomest Of The Web: Crummy Boyfriends & Office Romance

Why women are smarter than men at relationships. When you have to choose between your best friend and a guy. On the other side, what to do if your friend's guy is a real jerk. How do you avoid crossing the line between sweet and sort of creepy? Why dating a coworker rocks. What happens when you're happily married but having dreams about an ex? Super Mario finally helps get the girl. Sensual massage

iphone app

Premarital Counseling? There's An App For That

Most people out there agree that marriage is tough. highly recommends looking into premarital counseling. In all honesty, what can it hurt? If you don't have the dollars for premarital counseling, the Couplet iPhone app could preemptively save your marriage.

nervous guy

What Not To Say The Day Before Your Wedding

A fellow and his fiancee decided to become man and wife at a baseball park and before that they were interviewed. The man referred to the forthcoming nuptials as the worst day of his life. Why do guys like to equate marriage with death? History, mainly. But also because other dudes seem to think it's funny.


Awesomest Of The Web: Slut Shaming & Romantic Bedrooms

A call to end slut shaming. A woman feels like she's not pulling her weight because her dude is a big-earner. Do guys want to watch porn with their ladies? How to set up a sexy boudoir. When do ladies start slut shaming (it could be much earlier than you think)? What happens when your best friends hate your boyfriend? A sex guide for physically mismatched couples. A website for straight guys who want to dabble outside of heterosexual acts. The top 9 ways to make a guy lose interest. When a cool 27-year old lady dates cool 19-year old dude. Is there a chewable Viagra around the corner? Why guys should wear a wedding ring.

Awesomest Of The Web: Sexy Dreams & Nice Guys

Awesomest Of The Web: Sexy Dreams & Nice Guys

Most common sex dreams. Is he sexy or does he just have sex appeal? What nice guys can do land more ladies. When a guy plays you VERY hot and cold. How to juggle multiple dates and keep it non-shady. Getting a STD from a mosquito. The physical equivalent of emotional pains. When you have a pretty good idea that your wedding may be the last happy moment in your relationship. The top five problems relationship therapists see most often. Why you should consider dating a younger dude. Would you try the eBay of dating sites? Should you wear spanx on a date?

not superman

He Can't Be Your Superman, No One Can

Kate Gosselin, mother of eight, made a trip by NBC's Today Show, likely to promote the program Kate Plus 8. She and Matt Lauer exchanged pleasantries, discussed the show and then worked into Kate's personal life. When you're a single mother of 2/3 of a dozen with an infamous divorce in your rearview, the chattin' is going to eventually get around to dating. Kate laments her mediocre dating life and more or less rules out 100% of all available men by declaring that she needs a Superman.

blind date

Awesomest Of The Web: Blind Dates & Curing Divorce

The seven people you don't want to date. Gross stuff guys do on dates and no advice on how to fix them. It looks like ladies dig guys who ignore them. Guess what cures restless leg syndrome? A blind date... with your sister. How to tell you're dating a man child. How to divorce proof your marriage before it even starts. Are wedding rings old hat? What his dog says about him. The geometry of attractiveness and where beauty meets plastic surgery.

baseball couples

Baseball Players Swapped Wives, Lives

Back in the spring of 1973, some things got really weird with Major League baseball. Yankees Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson decided that they needed their lives to start going in another direction. And to jumpstart things, instead of running away from their families, they decided to swapped wives, homes and families. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck may be making a movie about it.

phone couple

9 New Rules Of Phone Etiquette

According to the New York Times, people don't use the phone any more. Where once someone would make dozens of calls in a day, we now find the medium to be intrusive and tedious. I suppose that limited usage of the phone should be considered at least mildly ironic, given that we're rarely more than a yard from them.

fake girlfriend

Best Of The Web: Too Big & Fake Girlfriends

What are your instantly dumpable offenses? What if he's too big? Some guys want you to stop faking orgasms. A tale of a crazy fake girlfriend. How to date like a super woman. Five friends you'll need post-divorce. Don't date your next-door neighbor. How to regain his trust after you cheat. What to expect when dating a dating coach. An Alaskan politician wants to outlaw premarital sex. How to solve 8 icky dating problems.