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Bahrain Novelty Shop Avoids Censure

Khadija Ahmed is the proprietress of a joint called Khadija Fashion House in a town called Manama. It's a shop specializing in lingerie and various sex toys. Is the region becoming a little less conservative about these things? Or is Bahrain just an anomaly?

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Seinfeld's 20 Best Relationship Moments

That was a prett-y, prett-y quick 20 years. All the way back in 1990, a young comedian in a blazer, blue jeans and sneakers teamed up with a crotchety old cuss and produced nine seasons of pop culture gold. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David spun everyday that-happened-to-me-isms into one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. They let us know that the jerk-store wasn't a real comeback, presented us with etiquette regarding a double-dipped chip and taught us that we didn't have to celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza, for Festivus was for the rest of us. But the show's real brilliance was in how it treated the relationships of four uptight, self-centered New Yorkers trying to find the one person who was just good enough for them.

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Best Of The Web: Russell Brand & Romance Novels

How to know you're reading a bad romance novel. The best books on pickup artistry. 6 crazy (but good) first date ideas. How NOT to become a stage-five clinger. Four tips on hating sex less (you read that right). Using sex to improve your marriage. Learn a little ex etiquette. Russell Brand on how to get laid. What celebrity dating profiles would look like. What his doggy says about him. And the horror of wedding porn.

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Vietnam Gives Couples Permission To Cheat

One of the most universal questions out there is, "Can you love two people at the same time?" In Vietnam, the answer is a resounding "maybe." The village of Khau Vai has a love market designed to let people in arranged marriages meet up with their past lovers once a year.

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Couple Sues Shrink Due To His Bad Advice

It turns out that psychologists are just like the rest of us: prone to making mistakes and giving medium-to-bad advice. A couple in New York are laying down the lawsuit with the couple's couples therapist. The man, actor Guido Venitucci, says his shrink hectored him into having an affair, and now he and his wife want some financial restitution.

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Nobody Wants To Date A Smoker

It looks like smoking may be one of the biggest deal breakers out there. In fact, in a relatively small sample, it looks like even smokers would prefer not to date smokers. On top of that, most people can't quit smoking without some kind of aid. Not a great day to be a smoker.

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The Best Of The Web: Pulling A Baldwin & Bad DJs

Great summer movies. Making a one-night stand not terrible. Oddest sex toys (largely from Asia). Why she wants your husband. Low voices are sexy. Is sex best with someone you love? Shy people stink at being married. What oil spills and marital discord have in common. And dating out of your league.

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How Much Should You Change For A Wedding?

Well, we're ankle deep in wedding season, with the real push starting Memorial Day, and Vera Wang Chung-ing it straight through Labor Day. And it seems like the biggest concern for most wedding parties is the pictures. Many brides, grooms and mothers of the bride are strict adherents to the saying that, while your marriage may not last forever, the photographs will. But while a wedding is a big deal, the days, weeks and decades after, it can be argued, are far more important.


6 Ways To Repel The Ladies

Attracting women isn't always easy. Repelling women, however, is almost as easy as falling out of a boat. Here are some pickup moves and peacocking must-not-dos.

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Polygamy And Sex Parties: Private Or Public?

A Malaysian politician is in hot water after taking a second wife. While it wasn't against the law for him to engage in polygamy, he just had to run it by his first wife first. Her consent was required to inform the Sharia court that the second was OK. And a college professor in China is facing three and a half years in jail on grounds of "group licentiousness." Essentially, the educator was having orgies and group sex is bad for business in the People's Republic of China. It doesn't seem like privacy is much of a concern there, but how would you feel if your next-door neighbor was getting into those kind of shenanigans?