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diamond engagement ring

Do Engagement Rings Need An Upgrade?

Tiffany's has an app for the iPhone that lets a woman drop hints about which ring she wants a fellow to purchase for her. Desperate much? And Conor Friedersdorf, writing for The Atlantic, think that women need to suck it up, stop being materialistic and end the blood diamond biz right away. Either way, are diamond engagement rings on the way out?

two little bridesmaids

Record-Setting Bride Has Over 100 Bridesmaids

Nailing down a wedding list is not an easy thing. Nailing down the cast of the wedding party is even tougher. You never know who's gonna catch feelings, so sometimes you have to ask a few extra people. A dance instructor in Ohio decided not to make enemies at her studio and invited all 110 students to be in her wedding. In a word: adorable.

man milking cow drawing

Indonesian Man Marries Cow

The story goes that a young villager from a village called Yeh Embang was briefly enchanted by a member of the bovine species and, I'll be damned, made it with that cow. Clearly, we're dealing with somewhat less than a full deck OR the young man was accurate in his assessment that the cow shape shifted into the form a comely woman and seduced him. His friends and neighbors were nearly as incredulous as you or I may have been and solved the bestiality problem the only way you can: feeding the beast.

satellite dish

"Gaydar" Still Not A Real Thing

The dang Dutch are at it again. After terrorizing us with wooden shoes and windmills for what feels like decades, they then allowed their name to be associated with crummy stuff like Von Dutch hats and Dutch ovens (not the thick-walled cooking vessel). And now they're trying to convince us that "gaydar" exists. But the study has many holes in it, and it seems as if a few too many assumptions are being made.


Using A Hitman On Your Spouse To Be Extra Illegal

A very strange case in California has highlighted the need for revisions to the law. It's currently not possible to make any money from a divorce if you've attempted or succeeded in murdering your spouse, but you can still get divided communal assets if you hire or attempt to hire someone to do the deed. Many people feel this loophole is unfair, against the spirit of the law and should be closed as soon as it is convenient for everyone involved.

adult couple on swingset

Lawsuit Proves Chicago Couple Aren't Swingers

What happens between consenting adults behind closed doors is fine with you. You're not uptight! You did some crazy things in college, and you're no square. Still, there are some things you just don't want to see. Like swingers. Read on to see how a series of emails in the Chicago area led a couple, who say they were not engaged in the lifestyle, to sue a busybody neighbor.

The Best Of The Web: Sexy Spots & Fake Accents

The Best Of The Web: Sexy Spots & Fake Accents

Overrated places to have sex. Great places for outdoor sex in the summertime. Why being a foreigner is a turn-on. Fake accent pick up line fails. The douchiest things guys do for love. The 7 deadly sins of divorce. Should guys wear a relationship ring? The danger of undefined relationships. Why he likes making more money than you. Sleep sex is waaaay more common than previously thought. And what abstinence can teach us about sex.

sex shop sign

Bahrain Novelty Shop Avoids Censure

Khadija Ahmed is the proprietress of a joint called Khadija Fashion House in a town called Manama. It's a shop specializing in lingerie and various sex toys. Is the region becoming a little less conservative about these things? Or is Bahrain just an anomaly?

seinfeld cast

Seinfeld's 20 Best Relationship Moments

That was a prett-y, prett-y quick 20 years. All the way back in 1990, a young comedian in a blazer, blue jeans and sneakers teamed up with a crotchety old cuss and produced nine seasons of pop culture gold. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David spun everyday that-happened-to-me-isms into one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. They let us know that the jerk-store wasn't a real comeback, presented us with etiquette regarding a double-dipped chip and taught us that we didn't have to celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza, for Festivus was for the rest of us. But the show's real brilliance was in how it treated the relationships of four uptight, self-centered New Yorkers trying to find the one person who was just good enough for them.