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pregnancy test

Dating Site Spawns Sperm Bank For Beautiful People, a dating site for good-looking people, has decided to branch out into the sperm donor and egg donor business. That's right, even if you're not good enough for online dating with attractive folks, your children don't have to go through life as either homely, plain or kinda cute.

money and wedding bouquet

Couple Loses Over $3,000 In Wedding Cash

When it comes to weddings, the photographs are a Big Deal. But an even bigger part of the wedding is the gifts. Some companies have literally made their fortunes with gift registries. But not everyone wants to order off the menu, and many wedding guests give cash. After receiving a ton of green at their wedding, a Pennsylvania couple nearly lost over $3,000 as their wedding album, stuffed with the cash, fell off of their car as they drove away.

video camera

Indonesian Authorities Not Amused By Sex Tape

There has been a bundle of sexy news from Indonesia lately and the hits keep coming. But the nation with the world's largest Muslim population is still a little uneasy when that sexy stuff goes public. Pop star Nazril Ariel may do some time in the pokey for a private sex tape that he made after that pajama-rompa went viral online. The "Peterporn" scandal may land one of the women in trouble for adultery. Plus, True Blood will cut an oral sex scene for reasons other than what you think.

forgetful woman

Science Gives Us A 5-Days-Later Birth Control Pill

Generally, an unplanned pregnancy is the last thing on your mind when a one-night stand is in the offing. That's why pharmaceutical companies have given us Plan B. But what happens when a person isn't thinking straight the morning after? The FDA approval is close for a drug called Ulipristal that will provide birth control up to 5 days after conception may have occurred.

Sometimes Breaking Up Without Saying Goodbye Works

Sometimes Breaking Up Without Saying Goodbye Works

The Irish Goodbye (henceforth to be called the IGB). An IGB involves leaving a gathering, perhaps at a pub, bar or boozing hole, without so much as a "good day, boyo" to your compatriots. And as a move to end a fledgling relationship, it's sometimes a pretty good idea. But what about closure? It's a fiction for something new and some breakups should be done by just walking away.

The Best Of The Web:  Father's Day & A Little Luck

The Best Of The Web: Father's Day & A Little Luck

When a lady realizes she's hard to date. Why cooking for him too early could backfire. Is it better to be lucky or good? Dirty dancing banned after racy Philly prom. When social media and dating go wrong. Keeping the dogs out of the marital bed. What guys think after a one-night stand. Seven ways to enjoy your own wedding. When your younger sister gets married first. How to know if your parents are swingers. Dating an Ivy League grad. And a Father's Day striptease.

diamond engagement ring

Do Engagement Rings Need An Upgrade?

Tiffany's has an app for the iPhone that lets a woman drop hints about which ring she wants a fellow to purchase for her. Desperate much? And Conor Friedersdorf, writing for The Atlantic, think that women need to suck it up, stop being materialistic and end the blood diamond biz right away. Either way, are diamond engagement rings on the way out?

two little bridesmaids

Record-Setting Bride Has Over 100 Bridesmaids

Nailing down a wedding list is not an easy thing. Nailing down the cast of the wedding party is even tougher. You never know who's gonna catch feelings, so sometimes you have to ask a few extra people. A dance instructor in Ohio decided not to make enemies at her studio and invited all 110 students to be in her wedding. In a word: adorable.

man milking cow drawing

Indonesian Man Marries Cow

The story goes that a young villager from a village called Yeh Embang was briefly enchanted by a member of the bovine species and, I'll be damned, made it with that cow. Clearly, we're dealing with somewhat less than a full deck OR the young man was accurate in his assessment that the cow shape shifted into the form a comely woman and seduced him. His friends and neighbors were nearly as incredulous as you or I may have been and solved the bestiality problem the only way you can: feeding the beast.