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Absolutely, Positively No Sex In The Space Station

NASA Commander Alan Poindexter says that it's all professional and above board. You'd guess that it could get weird if the sex went down not to mention zero-g messy. Plus micro-gravity causes muscle and bone-density loss and space sex could crack a hip or pull a groin.

chinese army

China Bans Soldiers From Online Dating

To date the Chinese government has had a one-child policy, they shutdown a sex theme park before it got off the ground, they're making a major push for safe sex and they've clamped down on internet dating sites on grounds of prostitution. And now they're taking a little different approach to the love lives of their soldiers; they are clamping down on what their soldiers do online… including but not limited to online dating.

Yotaro baby robot

Japanese Robot Is Supposed To Cause Baby Fever

Japan, as you might know, has not been reproducing at a replacement rate (2.1 births per woman), and that has a number of social scientists on edge. And so, a robotic baby that cries and interacts somewhat like a real baby -- but looks a little like a giant Tamagotchi -- has been created to convince childless couples to have a kid. The hope is that Yotaro will charm the pants off these couples, and get that birthrate going back north. There are likely skeptics.

selfish lover

Best Of The Web: Selfish Lovers & Ladies' Night

The benefits of being a selfish lover. The opposite of spicing up your sex life. A Craigslist broken engagement. When your dating blog and dating life meet, a cautionary tale. What his bathing suit says about him. Online dating that puts HER in the driver's seat. Seven really bad things to do when dating online. Twenty suggestions for a stripper-free bachelor party. Self-love behind the steering wheel, how many guys do it? Getting fresh and friendly at the airport. And a little perspective on your breakup.

strange couple

Are You Out Of His League?

There are just a few things that all of us can agree upon: 1. Taxes aren't that fun. 2. Healthcare is might pricey. And 3. There is something really unsettling about exceptionally good-looking people dating exceptionally unattractive people. Sometimes, the circumstances are extenuating: he's rich or she wants to look hotter by comparison or he has a fetish or she lost a bet of some kind. The possibilities are endless. But that doesn't keep people from judging them based on looks alone. In fact, a veritable cottage industry (I don't even know what that means) has arisen based upon people's disbelief that SHE IS WITH HIM? A new website wants to let people know, definitively, that they can do better.

pregnancy test

Dating Site Spawns Sperm Bank For Beautiful People, a dating site for good-looking people, has decided to branch out into the sperm donor and egg donor business. That's right, even if you're not good enough for online dating with attractive folks, your children don't have to go through life as either homely, plain or kinda cute.

money and wedding bouquet

Couple Loses Over $3,000 In Wedding Cash

When it comes to weddings, the photographs are a Big Deal. But an even bigger part of the wedding is the gifts. Some companies have literally made their fortunes with gift registries. But not everyone wants to order off the menu, and many wedding guests give cash. After receiving a ton of green at their wedding, a Pennsylvania couple nearly lost over $3,000 as their wedding album, stuffed with the cash, fell off of their car as they drove away.

video camera

Indonesian Authorities Not Amused By Sex Tape

There has been a bundle of sexy news from Indonesia lately and the hits keep coming. But the nation with the world's largest Muslim population is still a little uneasy when that sexy stuff goes public. Pop star Nazril Ariel may do some time in the pokey for a private sex tape that he made after that pajama-rompa went viral online. The "Peterporn" scandal may land one of the women in trouble for adultery. Plus, True Blood will cut an oral sex scene for reasons other than what you think.

forgetful woman

Science Gives Us A 5-Days-Later Birth Control Pill

Generally, an unplanned pregnancy is the last thing on your mind when a one-night stand is in the offing. That's why pharmaceutical companies have given us Plan B. But what happens when a person isn't thinking straight the morning after? The FDA approval is close for a drug called Ulipristal that will provide birth control up to 5 days after conception may have occurred.