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Kama Sutra Is FINALLY An Audio Book

Are you a little too embarrassed to read certain how-to books in public? Well, friend, you are in luck. The Kama Sutra has finally been converted to an audio book. The British publisher, Beautiful Books, has a smooth-voiced English actress reading the tome. And it turns out that this old Indian book is not just a how-to for sex positions, but also a guide for relationships.

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iPhone Users Have More Sex Than Droid, BlackBerry

The good folks at OK Cupid (the dating site) did a study correlating which mobile device their users upload photos from. They then cross-referenced that data (those data, if you will) with personality tests such as the "Slut Test" and realized that iPhone users have more sex partners than users of the BlackBerry or the Android.

A New Dating Site For Virgins Only

A New Dating Site For Virgins Only

Some people feel VERY strongly about virginity. The dating site purports to be an alternative to 'all those other dating sites in which the goal is to put you-know-what you-know-where without putting a ring on you-know-what.' It's probably good to have this kind of online dating alternative.

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9 Awesomest Myths About Pregnancy

As you may know, teens, adults and grownups don't always have the best information regarding sexual health and reproduction. Even "comprehensive" sex-ed misses a few things or loses a pointer or two during the snickering. The irony is that "hey, don't have sex," if followed (and that's a big IF), is still the best way to avoid unplanned babies and crotch-born ailments, however impractical that may be. At any rate, the 9 awesomest myths about getting a baby inside of your belly:


UK Vicar Jailed For Sham Weddings

Per Reuters, a Vicar in the United Kingdom has put on 383 fake marriages over the course of the past four years. Why? The Reverend Alex Brown had a scheme in which he would arrange for Africans and Eastern Europeans to get married to locals for $4,700.

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Can Rough Sex Lead To A Stroke?

By now, I'm sure you've heard the tale of the English nanny who, essentially, whacked off to death. No? OK, sordid story short, a 30-year-old woman from Merry Olde England suffered some sort of arrhythmic disaster likely brought on by exposure to pornography and use of a vibrating sexual aid. More or less, she was found with said device and her computer open to the kind of content that male comedians always worry about being found with were they to die very unexpectedly. Sad indeed-y.

Best Of The Web: Separate Beds & Faking It

Best Of The Web: Separate Beds & Faking It

What guys think about performing oral sex. When sex hurts. Porn stars on fake orgasms. Five tips to spice up your sex life. The plus-side of separate beds. Improving your vacation sex. Society's unraveling and text breakups. Who keeps the friends after a breakup? Relationship paradoxes. Easy ways to separate creeps from nice guys. Why dudes think the grass is green over there. Finally, dating AND sky diving!

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Women Like Men Who Send Flowers, Right??

Everyone knows that women like flowers, except when they don't. Confused? It turns out that most women like it when men send them flowers. They feel special. But, for a healthy chunk of them, the specialness wears off when those flowers arrive at their office. It turns out that the extra attention makes many ladies uncomfortable. Most women like being comfortable. So, check in on her feelings before you decide to send flowers.

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Why Guns And Weddings Don't Mix

While the concept of a shotgun wedding has been around since, well, before shotguns were invented, rarely do the firearms ever actually show up at the wedding. And for good reason, though guns don't kill people, excitable people with guns do. A couple in Sicily ended up having their wedding day turned upside down with a firearm mishap.