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ugly person puckering lips

Now There's A Dating Site For Uglies

There are a few things to keep in mind when online dating: 1) A picture says a thousand words, 2) if you're looking for something very specific, go for a niche site and 3) know thyself. A new dating site has the latter two facets covered in spades (with a little of the first thrown in for grins). A place called TheUglyBugBall has surfaced in the UK, a place known for its abject honesty. The dating site is's opposite, in that it's for people who realize they're unattractive.

man with fishing net

Man Chooses Fishing Over Family, Seems OK With It

Where I come from, there's a saying: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will abandon his family every weekend." A fellow named Lee Jackson must be from the same area. In a story that could have come from an episode of The Simpsons, Mr. Lee Jackson decided to spend a little extra time on the lake rather than with his family. His marriage, unsurprisingly, ended in divorce.

men getting his chest waxed

Is The Male Brazilian Wax Completely Pointless?

Over the last couple of decades, Americans have been grooming more and more. I'm guessing that skimpier outfits have led women to remove more hair. And, somewhere along they way, us dudes were convinced that we needed to have hair removed, so we agreed to some waxing. But manscaping has possibly spun out of control with the male Brazilian wax. Is this something that we really need?

cougar lying on snow

Cougars Are Not An Actual Trend

The word cougar used to send a shiver down my spine, mostly because comedian Joe Rogan's dog was eaten by a cougar and I think he's a funny guy. But also because it's grown to be played out, tasteless and unfunny. Five or six years ago, when the word first surfaced it was hilarious because it conjured an image of a woman with acrylics, animal print sleeveless tops, leather pants and a perimenopausal hankering for something that doesn't need Viagra. But from that somewhat silly image an unflattering stereotype emerged and the whole thing lost its appeal. Now reports out of England suggest the cougar, like the mighty Chupacabra, might not exist and, come to think of it, Joe Rogan's dog may have been eaten by a mountain lion.

Best Of The Web: One-Night Stands & Pregnant Men!

Best Of The Web: One-Night Stands & Pregnant Men!

Masturbation week. Historical pregnant men. Negotiating a one-night stand. Beer goggles. Hot pot-smoking celebrities. Is dating harder for smarties? Four really bad date ideas salvaged. Should you compete with your dude? The benefits of breakups. Is your ex dating someone new and is it OK for you to ask? Nine fictional love triangles that you may want to be part of.

Why guns and weddings dont mix

More Reason Why Guns & Weddings Don't Mix

The most recent wedding plus guns equals bloodshed math problem occurred in Turkey. And this jive turkey went down like this: a fellow, fresh off of going from bridegroom to husband celebrated by rattling a few rounds out of his AK-47. And this young Turk was likely of the untrained variety and sprayed down guests when he lost control of the rifle. His dad and two aunts were killed and several others were wounded. Proving once again that guns and wedding just don't mix.

woman with dollar sign sunglasses

Ambitious, Overachieving Women Have The Best Sex

There is a legend—an accepted legend but a legend nonetheless—that strong-headed, career-focused women are very difficult to please in the head, heart and baby-makers. Some combination of stress, perfectionism and immaculately kempt hair (periodically in a bun so tight that it makes changing facial expressions nigh impossible) make us think that she hasn't been properly rogered in eons and would probably be a drill sergeant in the sack. As it turns out, common knowledge is mad wrong, yo.

woman with outstretched arms

Is Eat Pray Love "Divorce Porn"?

The happy divorce film is here to (maybe) stay. As you likely know, Julia Roberts has brought smash hit Eat, Pray, Love to the big screen. But is it just another in a long line of films lionizing the divorcee and glossing over the dirty parts of splitting?

Best Of The Web: Manscaping & Cheating

Best Of The Web: Manscaping & Cheating

When self-pleasure surpassed the regular stuff. Bozo gets dumped for letting his girlfriend take a foul ball beaning for him. Statistical signs he may be cheating. More on manscaping. The extra benefits of a vasectomy. Escaping a boring relationship. Worst wedding trends. Where wedding planning and fantasy football meet. Can men and women be friends? Signs she's faking an orgasm. And some tough love for women who dig married men.

woman sitting on bed with abdominal pain cramps

Menstrual Cramps Mess With Your Brains

You know how some people think that PMS is just an excuse for some women to act crabby a few days per month? Well scientists in Taiwan may have cleared some things up. Brain scans show that intense cramps may cause permanent changes to a woman's brain.