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Bride Challenges Groom To A Cake-Eating Contest

Bride Challenges Groom To A Cake-Eating Contest

A professional competitive eater named Hall Hunt decided that you cannot stop being who you are even on your wedding day. He married a 25-year-old named Emily Wright and, in a tip of the cap to his part-time vocation, they had a wedding cake eat-off. And for extra strange love, the two invited competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut to enter the fray.

man in suit presenting small gift box

A Lotto Ticket: The Best Wedding Gift Ever?

In some places, it is customary for the bride and groom to exchange wedding and/or engagement gifts. But all these guys with their monogrammed letter openers, Waterford salad bowls, and coupons for snuggles and car detailing got nothing on this fellow from the Show Me state. In Missouri, a man gave his bride a winning lotto ticket.

 Would Mel Gibson Do Jail Time In France?

Would Mel Gibson Do Jail Time In France?

By now, anyone remotely interested in hearing the Mel Gibson cuckoo bird taped phone conversations has gotten an earful of a crazy, abusive rant (if, indeed, we're hearing what we think we're hearing, sorry for the CYA moment). The details, I'll spare you, but many people find it shocking (I saw a severed finger once, so not a lot shocks me). And, irrespective if the punching in the face part is true, this kind of thing could land a guy in jail in France. The Parliament has outlawed mental violence.

couple necking in car

How To Get It On While Driving

A woman from New Jersey picked up a man in her car and began performing a sex act on him (you have exactly one guess which one) and they crashed into something or other. The car was then set afire and she decided to tell Johnny Law that her ride was taken from her at gunpoint. But police are good at figuring out obvious lies and busted her. She should have followed this guide to car sex.

woman hugging man and checking phone behind his back

20% Of People Have Sexted The Wrong Person

Everyone has sent a text message, perhaps amorous in nature, and re-read it after it made its way into the electronic communication soup. Did you fat-finger a word or two? Did T9 predictively text mangle your words? Once, I ended a text to a platonic friend with "I love you," which is way more embarrassing than saying it as you hang up the phone. I had to write back immediately that I was on a very powerful cough medication. But inadvertently sending a spicy little note to someone... can you imagine the embarrassment?

Mom, I Can Find Dates On My Own

Mom, I Can Find Dates On My Own

Lots of people out there find their mothers quite meddlesome when it comes to dating. If stand-up comedy is to be believed, many of these people belong to a particular ethno-socio-religious group. Maybe a group that refers to smoked salmon as Lox. Sure, other cultures do this but outside of Russell Peters they don't have much in the way of a stand-up comedy voice. At any rate, it looks like a mom has decided to drag her son, grinning and bearing, into the world of Web 2.0 dating. PLUS Genetic Sexual Attraction in the Aimee Sword case.

Why He Likes Steaks & She Likes Ice Cream

Why He Likes Steaks & She Likes Ice Cream

As you likely know, men eat steak and women eat cucumber sandwiches. Dudes and chicks have a hankering for different foods, many studies explore why. Part of the problem is the work of Hollywood's ad wizards and the other part is the disintegration of the family. But food preferences appear to be different in other parts of the world. Why?

married couple outside wedding vendor

The 9 Worst Retail Chains For A Wedding

As you're probably aware, a number of kooky couples have recently thrown their weddings in retail locations or restaurant chains. Wal-Mart held a contest. A couple did it themselves in a Home Depot. And Taco Bell and TJ Maxx also made the list. But there are worse (and in some ways even awesomer) places to get hitched.

woman sneezing into tissue

Can Kissing Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms?

Kissing is one of the best things ever. Per a recent study in Japan, kissing can actually knock out allergies. On a slight tangent, Tiger Woods appeared to suffer from severe allergies at his most recent Masters appearance. Coincidence? Finally, a British teen nearly kicked the bucket after her boyfriend's lips triggered her peanut allergy. So, when it comes to allergies, kissing giveth and kissing taketh away.