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Women Like Men Who Send Flowers, Right??

Everyone knows that women like flowers, except when they don't. Confused? It turns out that most women like it when men send them flowers. They feel special. But, for a healthy chunk of them, the specialness wears off when those flowers arrive at their office. It turns out that the extra attention makes many ladies uncomfortable. Most women like being comfortable. So, check in on her feelings before you decide to send flowers.

couple shooting a shotgun during hunting season

Why Guns And Weddings Don't Mix

While the concept of a shotgun wedding has been around since, well, before shotguns were invented, rarely do the firearms ever actually show up at the wedding. And for good reason, though guns don't kill people, excitable people with guns do. A couple in Sicily ended up having their wedding day turned upside down with a firearm mishap.

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Science Says Men Who Cheat Are Dummies

Stop me if you've heard this one: Men who cheat are misogynist pigs who wish they could just club women over the head and drag them back to their lair to have their way with them. Totally over-blowing it, right? Not so black-and-white, right? Sometimes there are circumstances, right? You can't expect powerful, charming and rich men to just turn it off, right? Whatever your stance on male infidelity, know this: men who cheat aren't the sharpest tools in the shed (though some of them are tools in general).

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No Home Loans For Pregnant Couples?

Some lenders are really sharpening their pencils when it comes to mortgages. Fresh off of a spanking due to the EZ money era, banks, credit unions, etc. are twice shy about giving people too much rope to hang themselves with (sorry). This time around, they (lenders) are very concerned about dips in income, even if temporary, and have made pregnant couples jump through extra hoops to get their little slice of heaven.

Best Of The Web: Love Letters & Donating Eggs

Best Of The Web: Love Letters & Donating Eggs

The safety of donor eggs. Simple wardrobes. Why being a women rocks (from a dude's perspective). Women starting to bridge earning gap. What a gal thinks about a threesome. The make-or-break third date. And the break after a third date. How would he win YOU back? The importance of love letters. When you love her but hate her pets. The irresistible traits of a college dude. And a bedroom humiliation.


This Man Really Doesn't Want To Get Married

You know how some guys really just seem hesitant to get married? Maybe they have some commitment phobia or think that putting a ring-a-ding on it will steal their youth. There are as at least as many reasons as there are common-law married couples for cold feet. Well, not sure if you've seen this video but this gentleman's feet were approaching absolute zero.

A New Webzine Dedicated To Gay Marriage

A New Webzine Dedicated To Gay Marriage

The traditional matrimony industry isn't always as mutable as you'd like. That's where two broads from East Point, GA (it's in SW Atlanta*) decided to make a difference. Kristen and Maria Palladino had one devil of a time getting everything lined up for their nuptials and decided that others may also need a point in the right direction. To that end, they created Equally Wed, a web-zine dedicated to the gay marriage niche.

Bride Challenges Groom To A Cake-Eating Contest

Bride Challenges Groom To A Cake-Eating Contest

A professional competitive eater named Hall Hunt decided that you cannot stop being who you are even on your wedding day. He married a 25-year-old named Emily Wright and, in a tip of the cap to his part-time vocation, they had a wedding cake eat-off. And for extra strange love, the two invited competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut to enter the fray.

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A Lotto Ticket: The Best Wedding Gift Ever?

In some places, it is customary for the bride and groom to exchange wedding and/or engagement gifts. But all these guys with their monogrammed letter openers, Waterford salad bowls, and coupons for snuggles and car detailing got nothing on this fellow from the Show Me state. In Missouri, a man gave his bride a winning lotto ticket.

 Would Mel Gibson Do Jail Time In France?

Would Mel Gibson Do Jail Time In France?

By now, anyone remotely interested in hearing the Mel Gibson cuckoo bird taped phone conversations has gotten an earful of a crazy, abusive rant (if, indeed, we're hearing what we think we're hearing, sorry for the CYA moment). The details, I'll spare you, but many people find it shocking (I saw a severed finger once, so not a lot shocks me). And, irrespective if the punching in the face part is true, this kind of thing could land a guy in jail in France. The Parliament has outlawed mental violence.