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censored sign in front of naked woman

Craigslist Shelves "Adult Services" Postings

Craigslist has been taking it on the chin from Attorneys General in many states and has, at least for now, closed down their Adult Services section. Largely known for its wink-wink massage work, the category has a sign over it stating "censored." The law thinks this will cut down on prostitution and hopefully other crimes.

just friends

Best Of The Web: Just Friends & Her Number

Determining a baby's gender, the old fashioned way. When a dude gets performance anxiety. A hilarious story of penis enlargement pills. Taking a virtual girlfriend on a real vacation. A vibrator for the Wii gaming console. How to love a curmudgeon. What to do when your parents ask you to wait longer for a wedding. Seven tips to taking a good online dating profile picture. Seven ways to ruin a new relationship accidentally. What is an average number for HER NUMBER? How to know you're more than just friends.

mobile dating Goes Mobile! has gone mobile dating! The website known for letting total strangers determine how you feel about your looks and, in all likelihood, your total self-worth now has an app for the iPhone. In addition to letting you upload a photograph of yourself (ideally doing the duckface) and have people judge it, the application ALSO lets you check out the photographs of people in your vicinity AND judge their looks plus alert them that you're interested in dating.

breast implants

Venezuelan Politician Raffles Off Breast Implants

A politician in Venezuela had a brilliant plan to get out the vote: breasts. Naturally, sex sells and when you're talking about gorgeous Venezuelans (like famous Andres Galarraga, he's the Big Cat, ya'll!) make it a double. Gustavo Rojas is raffling a new “front porch” to raise funds for his campaign for parliament.

city hall

NYC To Tell Gays Where To Marry

City hall will now let gay couples know where they can go (and not straight to hell, Stephen Colbert) to make their nuptials happen. I know that City Hall has a certain cache and credibility that the webs just don't, but don't they have bigger fish to fry? Defying the state and allowing gay weddings would be a good use of calories; voting to print out a page from Wikipedia is not.

Best Of The Web: First Dates & Craigslist

Best Of The Web: First Dates & Craigslist

A sexy sleepover checklist. An 18th century Japanese sex manual. First-date sex is good, no, it's not. A terrible blind date. When you catch your husband cruising Craigslist. States are cracking down on Craigslist adult services. Rachel Uchitel wants Tiger Woods back! Stop beating yourself up over your breakup. And what to do if your dude likes his bros too much.

woman taking naughty self-portrit

House Humping Couple Leaves Behind Sex Tape

A couple in Elma, Washington decided to get their rocks off by sneaking into a home, getting nakey, setting up a camera and getting down with the baby-making. In a scene that echoes the opening of "Old School," a neighbor came by for the mail and caught the copulating couple mid-coitus, at which point they cut out. Unfortunately, they left behind the camera and their sex tape.

bikini bottoms

Weird Beauty Trend: Bleaching Your... Everything?

There are several new-ish trends that women are engaging in to make themselves appear a little more "California." Some of these trends you know about. Some of these trends you'll never see until a gal is nude. The fix is in: some women will try anything to look a little younger.

ugly person puckering lips

Now There's A Dating Site For Uglies

There are a few things to keep in mind when online dating: 1) A picture says a thousand words, 2) if you're looking for something very specific, go for a niche site and 3) know thyself. A new dating site has the latter two facets covered in spades (with a little of the first thrown in for grins). A place called TheUglyBugBall has surfaced in the UK, a place known for its abject honesty. The dating site is's opposite, in that it's for people who realize they're unattractive.

man with fishing net

Man Chooses Fishing Over Family, Seems OK With It

Where I come from, there's a saying: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will abandon his family every weekend." A fellow named Lee Jackson must be from the same area. In a story that could have come from an episode of The Simpsons, Mr. Lee Jackson decided to spend a little extra time on the lake rather than with his family. His marriage, unsurprisingly, ended in divorce.