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Why Dudes Don't Tell Their Friends About Cheating

Someone or other did a survey and it, for the most part, ladies will tell their friends about affairs and dudes like to keep it to themselves. And if dudes do have to spill the beans, they aim to do so with an individual strange to them. The bottom line of the study is that 72% of women tell someone absolutely have to tell someone about their affairs whereas only 23% of men need to confess their infidelities. But why?


Unmarried NY Couples Can Now Adopt

New York Governor David Paterson signed into bill a law that will allow unmarried couples to adopt a kid together. Clearly, the law is intended to hook gay couples up with the ability to get babies, but cohabiting couples could also benefit.

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The New In Thing: Plastic Surgery For Brides

E! has a new show coming out called Bridalplasty about extreme makeovers for betrothed women. A dozen fiancées live in a house, compete for rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, breast implants and the like, and are voted off on a weekly basis with the last broad standing getting her dream wedding. But the winner's husband doesn't get to see her actual face until the moment he lifts her veil at the wedding ceremony. Delightful, right?

The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms

The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms

Too early to sleep together? Turn that walk of shame into a walk of pride. Losing friends when you start dating someone new. Sharing a bathroom... with a boy. The ten-year guy wedding time line. Falling in love with a stripper. Twelve great marriage tips. Which dynamic duo are you and yours? Does back to school mean back to creepin'? Would you do a sex tape to save your career? The weird world of male porn stars. And science says older men are getting better looking, whew, just in time.

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No Masturbation? What A Boring Tea Party

Christine O'Donnell once advocated extreme chastity... to the point of forbidding masturbation. Frankly, it's an idea that could never work. But is religious sanctimony really part of her or the Tea Party's platform?

Man Fires, Dates, Breaks Up, Hires, Marries Woman

Man Fires, Dates, Breaks Up, Hires, Marries Woman

A couple in Zephyrhills, FL was able to overcome some workplace animosity to create an office romance. Along the way she was fired, they met online, broke up, she was rehired and, oh, theeeeeeen they got married. Confused? Check it out.

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Could JLo's Movies Ruin Your Relationship?

A woman in Santa Rosa (yes, of course it's Florida) went bananacakes when her husband was interested in watching a Jennifer Lopez film. Because he insisted on watching a J. Lo film, she felt obligated to (allegedly) set fire to his go-kart, boat and some of his personal effects. And it wasn't a matter of his not having decent taste that caused the Floridian to go Stephen King's Firestarter on his ass. Nope! This firebug from the Sunshine State was just jealous at the possibility that her husband might prefer J. Lo's bootiliciousness. And then the hurt feelings really started.

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Best Of The Web: Soul Mates And Chunky Men

How to know if he's a keeper. When the pillow talk starts. Chubby men last longer in bed. Ten kooky sex facts. Ten obscure marriage laws. Most Americans believe in soul mates. How to get over fear of losing a virginity. First date action. What is a boyfriender? The science of getting what you want. And a great ethnicity study from OK Cupid.

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Science Says That Daughters Lead To Divorce

Researchers have found an interesting correlation between divorce and having daughters. The research states that having a daughter gives you a five percent greater chance of getting divorced than having a son, and that number just keeps increasing with each little pink bundle of joy that the wife births.

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Did Lady Fake Leukemia For Free Wedding?

A woman allegedly faked Leukemia in order to get her dream wedding in New York and honeymoon in Aruba. The woman's husband (now outgoing husband) says his old old-lady even had him convinced that she had the Big C. Because they were featured in a newspaper article and a public outpouring, as a result of that newspaper article, financed their dream wedding plus Caribbean honeymoon.