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mom and stepson relationship

Pretty Good Mom Dates, Dumps Stepson

An English woman decided that since she had the old bull, she just had to try the young calf. A man in the UK was dumped by his wife in favor of his son who was, in turn, dumped for his best friends. You'd guess the captain of the swim team would be next somewhere. But where does this tawdry tale of taboo and infidelity rank on the Woody Allen meter?


Could Apple Have Stopped Brett Favre's Sexting?

Apple's Steve Jobs said (paraphrasing!) to get an Android if you want to watch porn rather than his iPhone. And now he's taking sexting on headfirst. Apple has a product coming out of 2008 patent that will allow users (and parents!) to filter objectionable text message content. Will this really change anything for anyone? Could this have stopped Brett Favre?


Best Of The Web: The Herp & Facebook

Nine great Autumn dates. When your old lady has herpes. Dance floor tumescence. Facebook and cheating. Do we all marry our parents? The Duke sex list scandal. More on the Duke sex list scandal. The Indiana University sex survey says we like some ate-up stuff. What guys don't like in bed. Who should give a rehearsal dinner toast. Is prison for polygamy on the horizon for Sister Wives? And changing your dude.

angry professor

Many Brits Not Sure Where Babies Come From

A survey of youngish Brits has determined they have some funny ideas about where babies come from, and misconceptions about other pregnancy myths. And after the babies are birthed, the bad info keeps on coming. Did this survey hit a rotten pocket of misinformation or the tip of an under-informed iceberg.

man listening to pregnant wife's belly

Taiwan Is Paying People To Have Babies

When is the perfect time to have a baby? When someone will pay you for it! Duh. Taiwan is getting slapped around by the replacement rate. And the government has decided to take a stand by offering couples money to procreate. Sounds like nothing could possibly go wrong.

couple into football

Fantasy Football May Save Your Marriage

There's a very good chance if you're in a relationship with an American dude between the ages of 15 and 80 that he's going to spend some portion of his Sundays watching some big guys in tight pants run around and kick a pigskin through a giant, metal "Y." Exhilarating, yes. And, per anecdotal evidence, gals aren't as interested. But there are a few tricks for making Sunday more tolerable for everyone.

Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Four Husbands

Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Four Husbands

Eleven bad first date locales. Ten ways to reignite your passion. Seven lousy pickup moves. Using The Secret... to get laid. Do guys deny masturbating? Do nice guys finish last? Is the first date kiss going the way of the dodo? Are people more likely to watch porn when their candidate wins or loses? Yep, dudes and chicks are still plenty different. Hook up your newest "personal massager" to the Wii (for real). A woman wants four husband. And 31 days to a better sex life.


A Love Triangle Turned Lethal

A woman went skydiving with her dude, her dude's male buddy, and a rival for her dude's affections and wound up crashing into a garden some 17,000 feet below. The rival, one Els Clottemans, maintains her innocence and claims that the victim was someone she considered a friend. The prosecution claims she has mental issues and that the sabotage could be easily have been committed by an experienced skydiver in 30 seconds with a pair of scissors and a bad attitude. Be careful who you love triangle with.

older man giving thumbs up

Keys To Happiness: Wealth, Weddings, Semen

People who make more money are happier. So are people who are in good heath. But engaged people appear to be the happiest of all. You know what else, unsurprisingly, makes people really happy? Unprotected sex.

Best Of The Web: More Red Flags & Going On Strike

Best Of The Web: More Red Flags & Going On Strike

The 31-day sex challenge! The sexiest cities in the USA. When ladies kiss for attention. When you have to break up right now. More on the friend zone. Sometimes people change for the much better. Withholding sex. G-rated sexy activities. Becoming the fun girlfriend. Bring the boys to the yard without really trying. And what the bartender thinks about the drunk, easy girl.