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With the help of Tokii DiscoveryGames he will leave the Xbox alone to come play with you!

Playing Games Can Be Good For Your Relationship

Let's face it—men like to play games. In fact, 15 percent of divorcees said their ex-husbands made video games a priority over their relationship. Nowadays, many women have lost one-on-one time to the game console at least once. But Tokii has tapped into man's love of sport and competition to actually help foster communication in your relationship (why didn't Nintendo think of that!).

happy couple using computer
Tokii brings a whole new meaning to online dating.

Tokii: Can This Website Really Improve My Relationship?

I haven't seen my boyfriend in two months. We are more than 500 miles apart, separated by three states. So, when YourTango approached me about using the website Tokii to add some spark to my long-distance relationship, I agreed (surprisingly he was not reluctant to the idea either—I told him there would be games involved).