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happy couple sharing computer
What if connecting to your husband was as easy as taking relationship quizzes online?

Too Busy To Work On Your Relationship? This Site Is For You.

My husband and I have been married for (almost) five years. We've been together for more than seven. I'd say that we're pretty close, and that the state of our union is solid. We love each other, we're committed, and we even like each other after all this time.

man and women in argument
Can you guess the three words men hate to hear during an argument?

5 Tips For Fighting Fair In A Relationship

Yes, arguments happen and no, they aren't always pretty. And, thanks to the differences in the way our brains are wired, men and women handle them differently. Luckily our friends at Tokii polled their users to give us some helpful tips on working through conflict in a relationship.

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Men and women agree: kissing is the best form of foreplay.

The Type Of Sex That All Men Love

It's not often you read survey results to see that all men agreed on something. But those surveys must not have been asking about mind-blowing sex.

The Phrase Men Hate To Hear
"We need to talk" scares the dickens out of most men.

The Phrase Men Hate To Hear

It's pretty obvious that men and women communicate differently—that simple fact has been the basis for many a tired sitcom or rom com plot. But the gender divide in communication is an interesting one to explore, especially in terms of relationships.

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Sixty-seven percent of women and 55 percent of men set New Year's resolutions.

Men Or Women: Which Gender Is More Likely To Keep Resolutions?

With every New Year there comes a chance for a do-over, or at the very least the opportunity to do things different than we have in the past. Basically, to improve not only our lives and ourselves, but also how we live our life, too. Tokii's DiscoveryGames collected the responses of participants to see exactly who's sticking to the resolutions and what those resolutions just happen to be.

how to communicate
Communication in relationships can often be as tricky as a game of telephone.

How To Talk About The Stuff We Usually Avoid

Well, my LDR boyfriend and I experimented for a month with Tokii and the results are in! Even though we are pretty good communicators already, this site helped me get answers to questions I didn't even know I had (like "Would you marry a woman with fertility issues?"). Plus as an added bonus, we have joined an entire community of couples that have funny stories and insights to share.

How One Website Is Helping My Relationship Stay Afloat
Tokii TradingPost helps couples compromise and make good on their promises.

How One Website Is Helping My Relationship Stay Afloat

Sometimes we have to treat our relationships like a business arrangement. When traditional, lovey-dovey methods of communicating don't seem to get the job done, it's time to get formal. It's time to use things like "agendas" and "action items." Enter's Trading Post feature, which encourages you to haggle in the name of love. "I'll wash your car on Saturday, if you agree to give me a one-hour back rub." One person suggests a trade and the other half either accepts or negotiates the terms.

men love christmas more than women do
Fifty-nine percent of men and 50 percent of women say Christmas is their favorite holiday.

Why Men Love Christmas More Than Women Do

There's no other time like the holidays to examine your life and how lucky you are to be surrounded by friends and family. While you're at it, you might as well take a look at your relationship with your significant other and see just what makes you click. We're not suggesting you sit down and have a deep, intense one-on-one under the mistletoe (although that's always fun, too), but instead make a game out of it. Tokii is here to help.

With the help of Tokii DiscoveryGames he will leave the Xbox alone to come play with you!

Playing Games Can Be Good For Your Relationship

Let's face it—men like to play games. In fact, 15 percent of divorcees said their ex-husbands made video games a priority over their relationship. Nowadays, many women have lost one-on-one time to the game console at least once. But Tokii has tapped into man's love of sport and competition to actually help foster communication in your relationship (why didn't Nintendo think of that!).

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Tokii brings a whole new meaning to online dating.

Tokii: Can This Website Really Improve My Relationship?

I haven't seen my boyfriend in two months. We are more than 500 miles apart, separated by three states. So, when YourTango approached me about using the website Tokii to add some spark to my long-distance relationship, I agreed (surprisingly he was not reluctant to the idea either—I told him there would be games involved).