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10 Beauty Essentials For Date Night (And Beyond)

Grab your makeup bag and dump it out. Now think about which of the products you're looking at are absolutely essential, and set them aside. Are there beauty tools you can't live without? Chances are, you just set aside most of the stuff in there. Well, sometimes it helps to simplify your life — and your beauty routine. As a professional makeup artist, here are my recommendations for what you really need to carry in that cosmetics bag, especially if you're getting ready for a big party or date night, and just can't seem to get your many products together.

Growth: The Unexpected Gift Of A Breakup
Heartbroken? There's a silver lining.

Growth: The Unexpected Gift Of A Breakup

A breakup can be traumatic. But instead of wallowing, try taking a good, long look at yourself and at the relationship. By being gentle, honest and inquisitive with yourself, you'll discover that your heartache might just be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Parenting Advice: Strong Mom, Strong Self
Loving yourself will set a positive example for your kids.

To Be A Strong Mom, First Be A Strong Self

Becoming a mother is transforming: an entirely new dimension to our sense of selves is born along with that new baby. If you don't have a strong sense of self before baby, motherhood becomes a stressful distraction from our personal health. Read on for some great parenting advice.

11 Therapy Llamas That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Love

11 Therapy Llamas That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Love

Ever feeling blue and think, "God, I wish I could hug a llama right about now"? Well you can! Therapy llamas and alpacas are being used all across the country to buoy the spirits of the elderly and ill, bringing their fuzzy adorableness right to your door for some therapeutic TLC (that’d be Tender Llama Care). Check out these images of therapy llamas doing their love thing. Imagine walking down the hall and stumbling across an adorable llama rump. You’re smiling, aren’t you?

10 Stages: How Love Transforms Over Time
Are you and your beau still in the "honeymoon" stage?

10 Stages: How Love Transforms Over Time

From the honeymoon stage when we find ourselves head-over-heels in love to the twilight years when we find ourselves new empty-nesters, one expert takes an in-depth look at the lifelong cycle of how we are transformed by love.

Personal Development Coach: How To Dress For Success In Love!
Letting yourself go can make your significant other feel taken for granted.

Dressing For Success—In Love! How To Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your appearance can ignite or put out the passion in your relationship. At the start of a courtship, we show up as our best selves but can become complacent. Here's a list of internationally stylish ways to keep the fire burning as your love progresses.

Commitment: How To Be 'All In' Without Losing Yourself
Do you feel like the giver in your relationship?

Commitment: How To Be 'All In' Without Losing Yourself

Has there ever been a time when you have entered in to an agreement with someone and felt you gave more than the other person? Perhaps you've found yourself giving away much more than you receive in a relationship. Our expert delves into this long-unanswered dilemma of love.