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teen waiting tables
How will your child earn money this summer?

How To Help Your Kid Land A Summer Job

Have you sufficiently bored your child with tales of your summer jobs past — peeling potatoes, recycling pop bottles for coins, lifeguard drama or walking bean rows uphill both ways? Probably, but it's only because you know from experience that the benefits of a summer job far outweigh the paycheck anyone receives.

mother, daughter, fashion
She doesn't need a closet full of designer clothes to feel beautiful.

Slave To Fashion? Not Me — And Not My Daughter, Either

Mindless consumerism can lead us to believe our value lies in what we wear. I wanted my daughter to have the freedom to divorce her self-worth from her clothing. But how could I teach her that when here I was — 29-years-old, wallowing in a pile of cheap cotton-poly blends and feeling worthless? It was time to go on a clothing fast. I called it "No Pants 2012."

mother teen daughter
The mother-daughter bond is unlike any other.

An Open Letter To My Teenage Daughter About Friendship

My daughter is in her first year of high school and navigating the world of girl drama, boyfriends and school dances. As painful as it can be to watch her suffer through some of this, I want her to know a few things that I wish I'd known at her age.

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One newborn baby is enough of a handful ... what about raising two?

Double Trouble: Will Our Marriage Survive Multiples?

When I first learned I was having twins, I did what any self-respecting woman would do: I panicked. I also scoured the Internet for advice, war stories -- anything that would help my husband and I survive becoming first-time parents to, not one, but two newborns.

special needs kid
Raising children with special needs is incredibly rewarding but can strain a marriage.

10 Marriage Tips For Couples With Special Needs Children

Sometimes life doesn't turn out as you had expected. But the truth is, when you are dealt a bad hand, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the game. Giving up, feeling sorry for yourself, and crying over the unfairness of it all doesn't cut it. Parents of special needs children know this to be true.

A mom and her child
Raising a child isn't easy, especially on your own!

Single Parent Or Solo Parent: Which One Are You?

In my opinion, there are two basic types of partner-less parents: single parents and solo parents. I've been both, and I can tell you that there are good things and bad things about each situation.

mom with three daughters
"When I look at my body in the mirror, I see beauty."

Three Kids Later, I Still Love My Body—But On Different Terms

Three kids later, I still see beauty when I look in the mirror. I don't see just a body. Sure, I see crow's feet snaking out from my eyes when I smile; I see a mass of curly hair. But mostly, I see a person: my husband's wife, my children's mother, my students' teacher...

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Love your kids? Love your body.

Your Bad Body Image & Your Kids: A Dangerous Combination

In all my years as a parent educator, I have never met parents who earnestly wanted to hurt their children. Most parents sincerely want to encourage and empower their children to lead strong, successful lives. However, it is their lack of mindfulness that defaults into old patterns and belief systems that teach their children harmful messages rather accidently.