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special needs kid
Raising children with special needs is incredibly rewarding but can strain a marriage.

10 Marriage Tips For Couples With Special Needs Children

Sometimes life doesn't turn out as you had expected. But the truth is, when you are dealt a bad hand, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the game. Giving up, feeling sorry for yourself, and crying over the unfairness of it all doesn't cut it. Parents of special needs children know this to be true.

A mom and her child
Raising a child isn't easy, especially on your own!

Single Parent Or Solo Parent: Which One Are You?

In my opinion, there are two basic types of partner-less parents: single parents and solo parents. I've been both, and I can tell you that there are good things and bad things about each situation.

mom with three daughters
"When I look at my body in the mirror, I see beauty."

Three Kids Later, I Still Love My Body—But On Different Terms

Three kids later, I still see beauty when I look in the mirror. I don't see just a body. Sure, I see crow's feet snaking out from my eyes when I smile; I see a mass of curly hair. But mostly, I see a person: my husband's wife, my children's mother, my students' teacher...

african american mother and daughter
Love your kids? Love your body.

Your Bad Body Image & Your Kids: A Dangerous Combination

In all my years as a parent educator, I have never met parents who earnestly wanted to hurt their children. Most parents sincerely want to encourage and empower their children to lead strong, successful lives. However, it is their lack of mindfulness that defaults into old patterns and belief systems that teach their children harmful messages rather accidently.

healthy body image
How can moms help their daughters grow up with a healthy body image?

Can I Stop My Girls From Hating Their Bodies?

As a woman, body image issues have drifted in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. They're that little albatross I can't quite shake: Every time I squeeze into a pair of jeans or put on my swimsuit for my daughters' Saturday morning lessons, every time I turn sideways to see my reflection in a mirror or compare myself to someone beautiful. They're the questions that tumble around in my head: Am I old? Am I fat? Am I pretty? When my daughter started asking the same questions, I knew it was time to break the cycle.

blonde baby screaming and crying
Poor baby!

Should You Let Your Baby Cry It Out?

There are a few things we know for sure. Don't abuse your children. Do feed, clothe and shelter them. Beyond that, you can probably find some sketchy opinion or study to back up any position you take on parenting.

young woman peeking throught heart-shaped cutout at little boy

Teaching Your Kids The True Meaning Of Valentines Day

Most elementary school students see Valentines Day either as a popularity contest, something related to that embarrassing business between girlfriends and boyfriends, or an excuse to eat candy. Either way, school-age kids can get kind of squirmy about it.

working dad
In many workplaces, dads don't receive the same parental leniency as moms do.

Divorced Dads: The Unspoken Workplace Discrimination

In my 15-year career, I've worked in a wide variety of offices. Across the board, there is an unwritten rule—as there should be—that a working mother must always be there for her children first and foremost. The problem is: dads don't get the same treatment.

sad child looking out window with mother
Is your child being bullied?

Help! My Child Is Being Bullied

If you know your child is being bullied, start by taking a deep breath. Your first instinct may be to charge in and do something to protect your child. However, your goal should be to help your child protect herself as much as possible, which will take some planning and understanding.