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Parenting: The 7 Craziest Things People Do With Placentas
Ah, the mother-baby bond. Reinforced with placenta!

The 7 Craziest Things People Do With Placentas

People do a lot of kooky things when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. But these post-baby rituals really take the cake (not that you’ll want to eat cake (or anything) after reading this list).

The 9 Things You Should Never (Ever!) Say To A Pregnant Woman
Pregnant? Congrats!

The 9 Things You Should Never (Ever!) Say To A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a magical time for a woman. But it's also a time of bodily changes, awkwardness and discomfort. Why would you want to pile on more awkwardness by saying something foolish? That's right, you wouldn't. So read on and learn the nine things that you should never, ever say to a pregnant woman.

Parenting Advice: 11 Tips For Back To School Success
Don't freak out! It will all be okay.

11 Tips For Back-To-School Success

Is your child heading back to school? Parenting conventional wisdom suggests you keep a level head to help them succeed. Here, 11 great tips for success in the classroom and tranquility at home.

Lesbian Couple With Baby
One reason? Their children learn tolerance, open-mindedness, and gender-parity early.

Why Lesbians Make The Best Parents

More lesbian moms have been featured on our TV screens recently, from the Disney channel casting their first lesbian couple in one of their hit TV shows, to ABC Family debuting The Fosters, centered on a lesbian couple with a blended family, the attention might be for good reason.

7 Ways To Spice Up Baby-Making Sex
It shouldn't feel like a chore, so don't be afraid to get busy off the schedule!

7 Ways To Spice Up Baby-Making Sex

When the romance disappears from baby making, serious issues can crop up in its place. In one Stanford University study, women with fertility problems were 15 percent more likely to experience sexual dysfunction. They also reported significantly lower satisfaction with their sex lives. To sidestep potential problems, try these expert tips for stoking your fertility and libido simultaneously.

Parenting: Can Your Relationship Survive A New Baby?
Ready to be stressed out of your mind?

Can Your Relationship Survive A Baby?

The arrival of a baby marks the real end to the honeymoon for many couples. Instead of fighting about sex, money, "me time" and more, learn how to nip the damage in the bud, both now and after your little home-wrecker arrives.

kids, sex, violence
The great media debate: Would you rather expose your kids to violence or sex?

Violence Is Better For Kids Than Sex: One Dad's Stance

We've heard it repeated so many times that it's become conventional parenting wisdom. "Kids are allowed to see all the violence and explosions in the world on TV, but show two naked people in bed and it suddenly becomes inappropriate". As a parent, I'm here to say that conventional parenting wisdom is wrong: Depictions of sex in the media are in fact more potentially harmful for your children to view than certain forms of violence. Here's why.