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Pregnancy is a magical time. Photo: Flickr, harinaivoteza.

7 Insane Pregnancy 'Facts' You Should Ignore

Pregnancy is a fantastic, special time in a woman's life. There's the joy of a coming baby, the freaky-interesting changes to your body, and so much more. But you are also the victim of endless "helpful parenting advice" and old wives tales from everyone from your best friend to strangers in the drug store. Here are seven of the wildest pregnancy 'facts' that you should toss out the window.

family trip
One tip? Schedule travel during a nap or around your child's bedtime.

Holiday Travels: 9 Tips For You (And Your Kids) To Sleep Soundly

There's so much to love about the holidays. Spending time with family, hot chocolate by the fire, and all the twinkly lights. However, holiday travel can wreak havoc on your child's sleep, thus putting a damper in your otherwise cheery holidays. If one of your holiday wishes is to get more shut-eye, read on for some useful sleep tips you can apply to your child's routine.

baby reading
Get them started early!

9 Epic Parenting Wins On Imgur

Parenting has its up and downs, like any aspect of life. The people who really excel as parents are the ones who keep things interesting, at least in our book. Check out these imgur posts from parents who really raised the bar.

pregnant woman at the gym
Did you exercise during your pregnancies?

Exercising While Pregnant May Boost Your Baby's Brain

It's no newsflash that staying active and healthy while pregnant is the best thing for both mama and baby. But did you know that exercising while pregnant might actually boost your baby's brain? The New York Times recently covered a new study that suggests pregnant moms who are physically active may produce babies with more mature brain development.

DIY Holiday Gifts For Mom That Your Kids Can Make
You'll love unwrapping these!

10 Easy DIY Gifts Your Kids Can Make For Mom

If you're in charge of helping the little ones think of presents, check out the list of homemade gifts for mom. From a custom vase to Instagram coasters to Warhol-inspired wall art, we have something for every taste and skill level.

Parenting: A Must-See Ode To Mothers
Go mama!

A Must-See Ode To Mothers

Mothers rock. This we know. But this video takes parenting to a whole new level. Elevation Church of Charlotte, NC performed a little experiment for Mother's Day, and though it's not that time of year yet, we couldn't hold this one back. Watch this video and try not to become a weeping mess (warning: you will fail. Epically).

Parenting Advice: Are Your Kids' Friends Being A Bad Influence?
Your child's bestie is a little less than perfect.

Are Your Kids' Friends A Bad Influence?

As parents, we all dream of lifelong friends for our children. We hope they will meet very early on (in Mommy and Me group, for example) and grow up as close as siblings, spending long afternoons at each other's homes, holding hands as they enter kindergarten, and supporting one another through those tough middle- and high-school years. So what do you do when they start to influence each other in the wrong way?