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How To Fight In Front Of Your Children

Our children do no like it when we fight. They try to convince us that it doesn't matter how you load the dishwasher. We bark at them to stay out of it. My husband and I get back to the argument. Voices get louder, comments get meaner and nobody backs down. So who comes first here? Your kids or your marriage?

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LoveMom: The Intersection Of Love, Life And Kids

You may have noticed the new LoveMom logo popping up around YourTango in the past week. No, you're not hallucinating. LoveMom is a new blog we're launching on the intersection of love, life and kids. What does this mean? Primarily, it means that we're not bringing you your typical mom blog content.

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Confession: I Was A Reluctant Mother

Other women had it. Even my husband had it: the desire to spawn. Yup. It's true: my husband wanted kids more than I did. Wanted them in the way it seemed other (normal?) women did, with a longing, a yearning, a confidence that parenthood was vital to adult life. Me? I figured we'd have a pretty good life either with children or without.

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Marriage And Multiples: Surviving 3 Sets Of Twins

If someone had told me when I was 25 years old that one day my husband and I would be parents to three sets of twins, I would have laughed out loud. At the time—it was 1988—my husband Bruce and I had been married about three years. We were very much in love, building our relationship upon mutual trust, love, respect, humor and faith in God. We also had a very active, healthy and happy sex life, but we hadn't yet decided it was time to start our family.

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The Top 15 YourTango Posts About Motherhood

Being a parent is a central part of many women's lives, and YourTango has covered it from all perspectives: deciding when to have kids, sex after kids, trying to "have it all," and more. Below, a selection of our best posts on motherhood (and fatherhood—afterall, you can't make a baby without a father).