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The Case Against Co-Sleeping

I know many parents are able to share their beds with their children and still have active sex lives. Apparently the parents sneak off and have sex on an empty bed or floor. We never managed to do that. Sex on the floor is good for variety, but it's not really comfortable. And who has the energy to move out of bed once they become parents? We didn't need variety in our sex lives, we needed sex in our sex lives.

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When It Comes To Parenting, Does One Size Fit All?

My firstborn is cautious and a bit of a hypochondriac. My preteen intuitively spontaneous. I was prepared, with two kids, that each might share some of each parent's tendencies, and have differing temperaments of their own. What I didn't count on was that their personality differences, so clear to me, wouldn't register with my husband.


Happily Paying The High Price Of Co-Sleeping

My wife and I bed hop. No, not like that. Rather, we hop from our big bed to a toddler bed to a mattress on the floor of the living room. We hop from kid to kid, from the toddler to the baby and back. We stumble past each other in the night carrying our children, each of us sleeping in as many as three different beds on any given night. You see, we co-sleep. And co-sleeping is hard.

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Is There A Perfect Time To Get Pregnant?

I tossed my last pack of birth control pills into the garbage and carefully lined up bottles of prenatal vitamins and folic acid pills. "So, are we officially trying now?" asked my husband. "Not yet," I said, even though I was itching to get started. Public knowledge indicated that there would never be a perfect time to get pregnant. There would always be bills. Lack of space. Job instability. But we figured that we could at least plan for nearly perfect.

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8 Love Tips From Mommy Bloggers

Mom probably knows a thing or two about love, too—he's teasing you, because he has a crush on you; you're not in love, you're fourteen! Flowers are a way to a gal's heart. Here, 8 mommy bloggers lend some advice.

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9 Fabulous Mother's Day Ideas

If you're a mom, Mother's Day is your big day—the day when no one can complain when you ask them to do something, when people are supposed to show appreciation for you, when you're (theoretically) not allowed to cook or do housework or any of those other things that always seem to fall to mom. Looking for a little something extra this Mother's Day? Here are some creative ideas on what to ask for. Because, honestly? You deserve it.

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Why One Dad Embraced A Reversal Of Gender Roles

Three years ago, my wife and I fled what we had hoped would be the idealistic suburban life. The idyll, however, was far from what we had hoped for. Now, I'm on nine months of paid parental leave with our 15-month-old son. I wouldn't call our arrangement a role reversal, exactly. Rather, we're co-parenting.

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How To Be A Mother, A Wife—And Yourself

When you're the stay-at-home mother of an infant, you spend almost no time alone, and thinking goes out the window, unless you count anxious fretting over when to start solid foods and how to persuade the baby to go down for a nap. It's unclear to me now why I imagined this wouldn't be a difficult adjustment.