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hang gliding

How I Know We're Ready For Kids

We went hang gliding together; surely we're ready for kids. When I was young and channel-surfing, I happened to catch the tail end of "The Boy Who Could Fly." Your typical dreams-do-come-true '80s movie, it revolves around the life of an autistic boy who has a fascination with flight. In short: he believes he can fly. Of course, after seeing this movie, I wished more that anything else that I could fly, too. Well, consider my bucket list complete.

michael jackson

Michael Jackson Saved My Marriage

Michael Jackson saved my marriage. It wasn't him exactly, but the Jackson mania I uncharacteristically developed following his death in June 2009. Not long before, in the heat of battle, I had nearly told my husband to beat it.

Kristin van Ogtrop

Dealing With Guilt As A Working Mom

Guilt curve: The process by which your feelings of shame and inadequacy about being a working mom grow and then diminish. In my experience, the guilt curve is a bell curve, peaking when your first child reaches kindergarten, with a long tail that lasts until the day of your funeral.

holding hands while drinking wine anniversary celebration

Remembering When It Was Just The Two Of Us

The day stretched out before us, longer than we could really understand. It was just the two of us, no kids, for the first time since our second child was born. It was also our fifth anniversary, and the day before the Crown Princess of Sweden was to be married. Suddenly, it was like none of the big life transitions had ever happened. We were still just the boy and girl who met as peace volunteers in Croatia and got engaged backpacking in Thailand.

handful of pills

Managing Depression When You're Trying To Conceive

I try to divorce Michael at least once a month. I blame this on the PMDD, though I've also been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety and, once, a psychopharmacologist told me I had obvious bipolar tendencies. After the PMDD diagnosis, I realized that switching to Yaz was sufficient for managing my wild mood swings. Then, I decided to have a baby.

daw mowing lawn with son

This Father's Day, I Don't Need A Thing

Do I insist that today is the day I mow the entire lawn? That seems weird. Do I play golf? Well, I don’t play right now because I am consumed with the kids. Do I just lay in the hammock? My wife gives me that time already. When you co-parent like we do, it’s not such a burden to share sleep-ins and naps and hammock time.