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daw mowing lawn with son

This Father's Day, I Don't Need A Thing

Do I insist that today is the day I mow the entire lawn? That seems weird. Do I play golf? Well, I don’t play right now because I am consumed with the kids. Do I just lay in the hammock? My wife gives me that time already. When you co-parent like we do, it’s not such a burden to share sleep-ins and naps and hammock time.

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling

Creating A Gender-Neutral Fairy Tale For My Family

On June 19, Swedish Crown Princess Victoria will marry Daniel Westling, a commoner and personal trainer turned, literally, into a prince. This marriage is a fairy tale that everyone I know—my very egalitarian wife included—has embraced. So why am I so turned off?

couple watching their baby from the couch

How To Buy A House With A Family In Mind

For four years, our one-bedroom condo felt tight. Now, with plans to start a family, we're finally planning that long-awaited upgrade. We've been dreaming about the perfect home for years but, with plans to procreate, it's not just about us anymore.

couple jogging together

Taking Off The Baby Weight Together

I had a lot of sympathy for my wife when she was pregnant. And I proved it at the dinner table, at the lunch buffet and at Sunday brunch. I like to tell people that I gained sympathy weight during these times, though I suspect it was actually just "feeling justified to eat as much crap as I want" weight. But after we had our second kid, the time came to face the scales and take off the baby weight, together.

father and daughter playing video games

Parenting Conflict? Make Sure Your Kid Wins

Not having to win is a pretty good quality when one is part of a couple, especially when that couple has to parent together and, by the way, also wants to stay in love. We've disagreed plenty over the years about child-rearing issues—and still do. Yet we usually manage to be sure that it's the kids who win in the end.