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Will We Be Terrible Parents?

I didn't daydream about weddings or marriage when I was growing up. Instead, I looked at my mother and thought: That's what I want to do. I want to be a mom. Now that I'm married, I wonder, will he really be a good father? And by the way, am I gonna suck, too?

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Taking A Step Back Brought Us Closer Together

We try to keep our life simple in the city. We don't have a car. We only work part-time. And we stretch out that generous Swedish parental leave. Yet still, modern life is modern life. We have jobs, a toddler to get to daycare and a baby to feed. We have laundry to do, dinner to cook and a tiny apartment that never stays clean. We do fine with this, but my wife and I have different parenting styles. The kids have their needs. The volume gets a little high. We feel too busy, too connected, too distracted.

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I Don't Respect My Husband's Parenting Skills

One of the reasons I married my partner was because I believed he would be a great father. Now that we have a 2 year old, I am underwhelmed—and disappointed—by his parenting skills. It has really affected how I view him as a life partner and even how much I respect him as a person. What's the best way to turn things around?

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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow for Parenting Advice

Our sister blog—Love Buzz—previously ran a number of Twitter Top 10 lists. Those lists told you who to follow for sex advice, dating advice and more. They cut out the riffraff and presented you with the awesome. Well. We thought it was about time that, here at LoveMom, we shared the goods on the coolest moms and dads on Twitter. Because—when it comes to parenting—we could all use someone to reach out to every once in awhile, even if it's only virtually.

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Why I Take Time Off From My Family

I love my husband and two kids, enormously. But I love being alone, too, and for long stretches. It's what feels natural to me, a former happy loner. This was my biggest concern before getting married: could I live with someone, or several someones, for an extended time, no matter how much love was involved? To my relief, I discovered having a family, and living with them, is lovely... but only most of the time.