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How We Made Our Careers More Kid-Friendly

I determined that I wanted to be a writer when I was 5. At about the same time, I decided that I would also be a mother. 22 years later, I still wanted to be a writer... and a mother. And more than anything else, I wanted to be home to raise my children. So my husband and I sat down and hashed out how we could keep me at home full-time without going bankrupt, going into foreclosure, becoming homeless and perhaps resorting to cannibalism.

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We Reclaimed The Marriage Bed After Co-Sleeping

It's been so long. How would we really like it? Was it too close? Would we actually lose touch because we were no longer forced to get creative when it came to finding those small moments of intimacy? Um... the answer is no. Oh my goodness, no. No no no no no. This tiny bedroom feels like the most luxurious hotel.

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How To Survive College While Married With Children

About five years ago, just after enrolling in graduate school, I read that—for married women—attending graduate school is sometimes the fast road to divorce. Yikes. More than two years after finishing my degree, my husband and I are still together—it's been 22 years now—and the D word was only uttered once, in the pitch of (a stupid) battle.


The Minivan: Loser Cruiser or Swagger Wagon?

Six weeks ago, I was cruising through my happily-ever-after in a mid-size SUV. I had one foot planted in soccer mom territory, the other firmly in "I’m still the cool chick I was before I had kids" land. My vehicle reflected this. But five weeks and three days ago came the news that the stork had us on his spring delivery schedule. This is when my husband suggested the mini-van.

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Babymaking Sex Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

My sex life isn't exactly fireworks and handcuffs and a regular reenactment of the Kama Sutra. In fact, when my husband and I first decided to throw away the birth control pills and condoms and try for a baby, I worried: I wanted to be a mom so damn bad, but the frequency with which we had sex was definitely lacking, and I often experienced pain during sex. Amazingly, babymaking sex has totally improved my sex life.

yes and no

How Yes And No Helped Me Simplify My Life

Yes. No. In my mothering lexicon, these are each complete sentences and everyone in my house knows it. Sure, I'm all for conversation, dialogue, discussion and open lines of communication. My husband and I like a good game of verbal volleyball, and we'll talk with our kids about almost anything. But I also reserve the right to not discuss, to sometimes employ just one word. Or make that two. No. Or, yes. Sometimes I don’t even explain. That's okay.