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father feeding baby

I Want My Husband To Feed Our Baby

I want my husband to help feed our baby. What I didn't expect was the incredulity people expressed when I told them I wanted my husband to be involved with the feeding of our child and, if that means we supplement with formula, then so be it. This decision has nothing to do with me shirking my duties as a parent, and it's not a way to somehow coerce my husband into more late nights than are his due. I just really want him to share in the fun of feeding time.

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Should We Redefine Family?

The Pew Research Foundation has released a new study showing that Americans are rethinking what, exactly, defines a family. And the big news is that marriage is no longer a defining factor.

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A Father Plans For The Sex Talk With His Daughter

As an expat Dad, you find yourself repeatedly thrown into parenting situations you didn’t see coming. This is especially true when you live in Sweden and take a lot of paternity leave, because then you are not at work all day; you are home, the main driver of potty training, and talking about vaginas.

couple kissing while a child watches

Why Kids Should Know Their Parents Have Good Sex

Like artichokes and caviar, it wasn't until well into adulthood that I acquired a taste for my parents' sex life. When I was a mother myself, I realized what a gift it was to know that my own parents had always had a robust sex life. And I want my kids, one day, to know the same thing about their own parents.

pregnant couple at computer

We Can't Agree on a Baby Name

My husband and I generally agree on things. Whether this is due to similar outlooks or the fact that he does his best not to butt heads with me I’m not sure, but whatever the reason, the result is a home and family that’s overall pretty harmonious. In fact, until recently, pretty much the only thing we regularly disagreed about was whether pizza should actually qualify as a food group. (It shouldn’t.) I was surprised to find out this past June that I was pregnant a third time and our headcount would be increasing again. I was even more surprised to learn a couple of months later that we were having a girl. I had the perfect name. So did my husband. They were not the same name. And neither of us is budging.

woman feeling sick

One Mom Gets Sick Of Being Sick And Tired

You don't necessarily buy into the theory that men are not nurturing, and that they act like little toddlers when they are sick but expect the exact opposite of their wives. He's a good man, and will do almost anything he's asked. But then, that's it. The asking part.