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How Our Son's Sleep Training Tested The Strength Of Our Marriage

Letting my son cry it out has not been the main issue in our house. Instead, convincing his father that sleep training works has been an epic battle. Sleep training impacted our marriage, and my job, in ways that no sleep training guide prepared me for. Some light needs to be shed on the conversations that happen in the parents' bedroom while the baby cries.

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Baby Bytes: Single Mom or Supermom?

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 7 must-click mom links: what moms give up for motherhood, maternity leave standards throughout the world and one mom who embarrassed her child into better grades. These links, along with 7 tips on how to do it all as a single mom.

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Reconciling After A Divorce? Think About The Kids

Most children of divorce secretly (or not so secretly) hope their parents will get back together. Having the family reunited and everything as it used to be may seem like a perfect resolution to many children but, in fact, reunifications can be difficult for everyone involved.

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How Becoming A Stepmom Transformed My Life—For The Better

Life changes when you add kids to the mix. Sounds like a bulletin from the Department of the Obvious, I know, but you never really appreciate how true it is until you have actually have one around. Since becoming a step-mom, I have discovered a million little ways that my life is different, as well as a few big ways.

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We Can't Raise Our Kids On Our Own: Enter My Extended Family

I wasn't sure how David would fare being so close to my family. He assured me it would be fine. I suspected that all he really wanted was to own hardwood floors. He had found us a house a mere four minutes from my parents' home that I wasn't thrilled with it but, ultimately, he convinced me that moving there would be best for both my nuclear and extended family.

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I Don't Want To Be That Mysterious Parent

Perhaps parents of my mother's generation weren't encouraged to share intimacies with their children. Or maybe it was just that way in her family. Which means that even now that she's 85, I still don't know my mother as well as I'd like. We get along, we have a lot of laughs together, but on the subject of herself, she's mom. When I began having kids, I wanted something different. I wanted my children to know me.

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Baby Bytes: "Having A Baby Helped Me Heal"

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 7 must-click mom links: how your kids can help you heal from an illness, tips for getting back on the dating scene as a single mom, and why waiting to find out the sex of your baby may be driving your loved ones crazy. 7 tips for making it work from a couples therapist, what working mom staple is now tax deductible, and why midnight feedings may be hurting your career.

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Why Couples May Not Want To Answer Your Babymaking Questions

You could be doing childless couples a huge justice by refraining from an inquisition into their sex lives. Because, essentially, that's what you're doing when you push the baby issue. You're prying into their private world and poking in on their Should we or shouldn't we? Are we ready? Do we even want children? conversations.