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How Will I React If My Child is Gay?

When you're pregnant you run through all kinds of scenarios in your head. You ask your partner if you'd keep the baby if it had Downs Syndrome. (Yep.) You wonder if they’ll go to college. (Damn well better.) And you spend a lot, a lot of time daydreaming about the amazing lives they're going to lead. So of course you consider their future mate.

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Stretch Marks: Badges Of Honor Or Unsightly Scars?

While I understand and respect that many women proudly wear their stretch marks as badges of honor or battle scars, I don’t feel the same way about mine. I am not ashamed of them, but if they don’t fade by next summer they won’t be seeing the light of day. I think of it this way: If I have a blemish, I conceal it. If I pack on a few pounds over the holidays, I conceal those too. For me, stretch marks aren’t any different, even if they are a result of my beautiful journey to motherhood.

Dating as a Single Mom

Top 5 Dating Mistakes Single Moms Make

Two seasoned dating coaches, Julianne Cantarella, MSW, The Courtship Coach, and Elisabeth Lamotte, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert, pinpoint the biggest dating mistakes single moms make and share tips on how to avoid them.

Don't let baby talk hijack pillow talk

Don't Let Baby Talk Interfere With Pillow Talk

If my husband and I aren’t careful, kid-centric talk hijacks our conversations. We talk about things they did that day. (Hilarious. Or frustrating. Usually both.) We talk about dreams for their futures. (Please let them marry non-felons.) And then usually we’re too tired to do much other than watch a re-run of The Rachel Zoe Project. I mean Mad Men.

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I'm A Responsible Mom And Wife—And Yes, I Have Tattoos

After three months of being a tattooed mom, I have felt those judging eyes as I walk away. In all likelihood, any opinion they formed about me has morphed into something else. Which just makes me want to tattoo the following down my arm: I’m a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering mom. I’m married. I own a home and a late model car. I have never received a speeding ticket, let alone been convicted of a crime. Too long?

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Why Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names Suck

I could read about, talk about and dream about baby names all day long. Some people might call me obsessed. I get incredibly upset each time I hear a miserable name... a bad name in my opinion, at least. However when it comes to awesomely horrendous names bestowed on the babes of celebrities, they made me stop caring.

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Casey Anthony Wasn't Ready To Be A Mom, And Neither Was I

As it became clear that Caylee probably wouldn't come home safely, the nation learned more about her mother, Casey. A young single mom with an irresponsible streak, it was obvious that she wasn't ready to be a parent. And as I held my own child, it wasn't only Caylee's story that scared me, it was Casey's. Just as Caylee brought to mind my daughter, Casey reminded me of myself when she was first born.

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The 9 Things On My Parenting Fail List

Here's what I know for sure about parenting: That after 17 years, I don't know as much as I think I do, as much as I'd like. And, that the mental list I keep of my parenting failures continues to grow. Sometimes daily. Failing occasionally is not an option with parenting, it's a given. I'd guess that any parent without a mental "FAIL!" list is basically delusional. Here's a look at what's on my own parenting FAIL list. As of today, that is.

Don’t Let Your Child Be A Weiner Online

Don’t Let Your Child Be A Weiner Online

Don’t let your child be a Weiner online: 7 tips to manage your child’s online behaviors. Call me a Pollyanna, but I am truly shocked about the recent news of congressman Anthony Weiner’s alleged indecent pictures posted on Twitter. If an adult who is a position of power and influence can act that way what can you expect of your hormonal tween? It certainly gives parents an opportunity to review their ‘online media rules’ with their children. If you are a family that does not have rules in place, now may be the perfect time to mention your concerns and establish media rules for your household.