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parents and kids in bed
"It's tough to enforce a "back-to-bed" policy when your kids are endearingly snuggly."

5 Ways To Protect Your Sex Life From Your Kids

Last week, as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep with a diapered behind smooshed against my cheek, I pondered why it is that children are so talented at sucking the life out of their parents' sex lives. My kids don't even know what sex is (I don't think, although I may have just jinxed that), but they're like little sex leeches, bleeding the life out of our bedroom activities.

TIME breastfeeding attachment parenting cover
TIME's cover of its parenting issue is sure to turn heads.

On Nursing A Toddler: Why That TIME Mom Could Be Me

If you had showed me this Time Magazine cover, featuring a mother breastfeeding her toddler who is STANDING UP, one year ago, I would have laughed. "Not me! That won't be me! I will breastfeed until she's around one. 10 months maybe?" Yet there I was the other day, nursing an almost one-year-old who was...standing up.

Who wouldn't fight for their babies?

Hospital Bullies Mom To End Pregnancy

Diana Stone was just shy of 19 weeks pregnant with her twin boys when her water broke. She went to the hospital where the doctor's recommended that she induce and terminate the pregnancy.

My husband stopped to rescue a kitten when no one else would.

How A Cat Showed Me What A Great Dad My Husband Would Be

I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals and restaurant servers. Even if you aren’t an animal person, and honestly, I don’t think I am, there’s still a way to create creatures with respect and kindness. My husband and I had many early dinner dates, and I was always impressed with how he treated wait-staff. He was polite but not flirty with the pretty ones, and he always tipped well but not gratuitously. And he had a rescued greyhound that he took amazing care of, so I knew that he was a decent human being. But there was one event that happened early in our relationship that really helped me see the kind of man he was.

stop sign nag-free week
A recent study revealed nagging to be more toxic to marriage than infidelity.

How I Learned To Stop Nagging My Husband

After our daughter was born, I realized I needed to give up some control in order to quit nagging my husband. I could no longer micro-manage trash day, toilet scrubbing and the proper placement of towels after a shower. I needed to begin to trust that even without my seemingly gentle reminders, things would get done.

mom dad baby
After less than a year as a new mother, I'm tired of feeling like I could be doing more.

My New Year's Resolution: Don't Change A Thing

For most of us, a new year is synonymous with a brand new you. But what happens if we resolve to simply quash the self-improvement urge? This new year, I resolve not to resolve. Don't confuse my promise not to improve as a refusal to grow or change. It's just that after seven-and-a-half months as a first time mother, I'm tired of feeling like I could be doing more. Doing better. Slowing down. Enjoying the moment. All while anticipating the next milestone and celebrating accomplishments. And then, wishing time would slow down; because after all, they're growing up too fast.

christmas gifts couple

How To Surprise Your Spouse When You Share An Account

The person who's the hardest for me to surprise isn't our kids, it's the studly 34-year-old who shares my bedroom. It isn’t because he snoops, though. He’s pretty cooperative like that. We’re just such a team and make a habit of being so transparent with each other, that any deviation creates a disturbance in the force.

busy mom
Juggling kids and an at-home job can be a challenge.

Being A Work-At-Home Mom Ain't Easy

The working mom vs. stay at home mom debate is one that has gone on for decades. As a work-at-home mom, or WAHM, I lie somewhere in the middle. And while I am very thankful for this, I also want it to be said: WAHMing ain't easy.

Stop The Madness! How I'm Reclaiming Christmas For My Family

Stop The Madness! How I'm Reclaiming Christmas For My Family

Buy, buy, buy. I cringed that the verb was dominating my Christmas to-do list, and it wasn't even December yet. Looking back on my childhood, I remember magical moments with my family more than I remember specific gifts. I want my kids to have these kinds of memories, too, and not just a solid lesson in materialism...