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How To Raise Your Baby Like A Royal [EXPERT]
Tea time, your highness!

How To Raise Your Baby Like A Royal

Kate Middleton is pregnant with the heir apparent to the throne of England. Bringing up baby to the manor born stirs up fairytales of happily every after and raising a blue blood. Here are some ideas to give your little one the royal advantage in life and love:

divorce-proof marriage
Does your marriage have a strong foundation?

10 Reasons I'm Sure My Marriage Is Divorce-Proof

By now, you've probably heard the widely touted statistic that the divorce rate in the U.S. is 50%. According to the Pew Research Center, though, the rate of divorce is on the decline (along with the rate of marriage). This success is likely due, in large part, to the fact that people are waiting longer than ever to walk down the aisle. But I don't buy into the idea that age is a deciding factor in whether or not a marriage ends in divorce. In fact, I would go so far to say my own marriage is divorce-proof — and I can tell you why.

mom vacation
Don't expect a postcard from this burnt-out mom.

'Missing' Mom Just Needed To Get Away (From Her Kids)

Parents, in all honesty: Have you ever wanted to just close your eyes and disappear for a while? It's not an uncommon feeling. We all fantasize about doing severely irresponsible things. No judgements on parents who sometimes want to run screaming after a particularly trying day! But acting on those impulses? That's kind of unusual.

Top Baby Names of 2012 & Why I'm Glad We Didn't Pick Pick One
Anastasia? or Zoe?

Top Baby Names of 2012 & Why I'm Glad We Didn't Pick One

The 100 hottest baby names of 2012 were released today, and it's a familiar-looking list. Sure, there are a couple of newcomers to BabyCenter's top 10 boys' and girls' names, but Sophia and Aiden retain their iron grip on the #1 spots for yet another year. Here's why I'm glad we didn't chose any of them.

7 Ways To Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Gratitude [EXPERT]
Happy Thanksgiving!

7 Ways To Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Gratitude

As a parent, it can be awfully tempting to spoil your kids, especially around the holidays. And while it's okay to regale the with gifts every so often, it's essential that they learn to appreciate what they have. With that in mind, here are some tips from our experts about how to teach your kids the importance of gratitude.

8 Holiday Tips for Pregnant Moms [EXPERT]
It's that time of year again ...

8 Holiday Tips For Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy can zap energy. After all, growing a human takes a lot of work, even if you're just sitting on the couch. Simply walking from the bathroom to the kitchen can completely take the wind out of you. Here are some practical tips to help you stay at the top of your game during the holidays.

4 Reasons To Have A Father-Daughter Sex Talk [EXPERT]
Have you talked to your daughter yet?

4 Reasons To Have A Father-Daughter Sex Talk

A new study shows when dads talk with their children about sex, those children have less sex during adolescence. While it's traditional in many families for the mother to talk to her daughters and for the father to talk to his sons, here are at least four reasons why it is important for fathers to also talk to their daughters about sex.