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Is Attachment Parenting Harmful For Moms?
When it comes to parenting, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Is Attachment Parenting Harmful For Moms?

When my daughter was born, I was determined to be a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, cloth diapering, hippie mama. Nine months later, the only thing that'd stuck was the cloth diapers. I had just started my daughter on formula, she had been in the sling exactly five times and never once slept in her fancy little co-sleeper, which I returned to the store. And yes, I felt like a failure.

watching tv
The great media debate: Would you rather expose your kids to violence or sex?

I'd Rather Let My Kids Watch Violence On TV Than Sex

As a parent, I'm here to say that conventional parenting wisdom is wrong: Depictions of sex in the media are in fact more potentially harmful for your children to view than certain forms of violence. Here's why.

friendship truths
The mother-daughter bond is unlike any other.

3 Friendship Truths I Wish My Mom Taught Me In High School

My daughter is in her first year of high school and navigating the world of girl drama, boyfriends and school dances. As painful as it can be to watch her suffer through some of this, I want her to know a few things that I wish I'd known at her age.

cara and poppy

Your Younger Sibling Is Way Funnier Than You (Says Science)

Anyone who has a sibling knows that sibling rivalry exists. It may not be at the forefront of the relationship, but there is always, and I mean always, some sort of competition between siblings, even if it's never addressed or discussed. But because some scientists apparently decided that there wasn't quite enough sibling rivalry in the world, they did a study, documented the conclusions, then shared them with the world to see. I've already texted my sister calling foul on this whole thing.

pirate girl
The author's four-year-old daughter in dad's DIY pirate costume.

Cross-Dressing Taught Me To Treat My Daughter Like A Queen

Well, this is familiar, I thought as I helped my 4-year-old daughter into fishnet stockings and corrected the frankly amateurish lacing on her faux-corset Taylor Swift sings, "It's the age of princesses and pirate ships," and that couldn't apply more precisely to this bonding moment between the two of us.

baby piano

The Major Way Your Kid Benefits From Playing An Instrument

In grade school all students were forced to learn the recorder, and it was fun but it didn't go anywhere. Then I tried singing and I embarrassingly auditioned to get in my middle school's chorus with no success so I called it quits. So, is it fair to say that all the attempts to get me to break into music were a waste of time? According to a child psychiatrists, even though I wasn't a natural I should have probably stuck with it or at least moved onto another instrument.

What A Year Of No Shopping Taught This New Mom About Self-Love
She doesn't need a closet full of designer clothes to feel beautiful.

What A Year Of No Shopping Taught This New Mom About Self-Love

Mindless consumerism can lead us to believe our value lies in what we wear. I wanted my daughter to have the freedom to divorce her self-worth from her clothing. But how could I teach her that when here I was—29-years-old, wallowing in a pile of cheap cotton-poly blends and feeling worthless? It was time to go on a clothing fast. I called it "The Year Of No Pants".

Elf On The Shelf
The Elf on the Shelf: The latest battle in Mommy Wars?

4 Reasons You'll Never Find The Elf On The Shelf In My House

Apart from being many families' new favorite Christmas tradition, the Elf on the Shelf is also a multi-million dollar industry. But not everyone loves the Elf, myself included. In fact, it seems there's been a bit of an elphin backlash this year. Here's why...