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Why You Can't Have A Happy Relationship Without Forgiveness

If what we really want from our relationship is love and connection then becoming proficient in the language and practice of forgiveness is crucial to our well-being and the longevity of our love. Holding a grudge, being critical and shaming—no matter how justified we feel—is not going to bring us the warm, loving connection we desire. Three YourTango Experts dive into the concept of forgiveness in relationships: what it looks like, what it's not, why it's important and how to start doing it.

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Man Speak Vs. Woman Speak: 10 Common Misunderstandings

Better understanding how men and women think and speak can help us have better-functioning relationships. Here we've asked three YourTango Experts to sound in on some of the most common misunderstanding between men and women and what we really hear when the opposite sex talks.

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What Do You Really Want From Love? [VIDEO]

Deciding what you really want from a relationship starts with identifying what Dr. Diana calls your "Diamond Self." This is the ultimate version of yourself, free of preconceived notions or fears. Getting in touch with this self helps you to then identify what this true self really needs from a relationship, whether you're already in one or are looking. In Week Two of the Love Life Makeover series, Dr. Diana Kirschner teaches how to name our ultimate relationship desires—and how to make them real.

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What Kind Of Message Does Your Body Language Send?

The old adage goes that it’s not what we say but how we say it. Nowhere is that more evident than in our love lives. We communicate extensively with our body language, and, often, romantic disappointments occur when our voices speak one thing but our bodies signal another. We asked three experts for tips on how to observe the signals our bodies are conveying and how to be sure we’re sending the romantic messages we intend.

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5 Ways To Ask For What You Want In A Relationship

There is nothing that can impact our lives more than when we are functioning at our best in our lives and in our relationship. It impacts our over all happiness, the way we go about our jobs, and all areas of our lives. But how do we do it? How do we get to the point where we are at our best and helping our partners be at their best as well?

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Is Your Social Life Hurting Your Love Life?

It's natural—when seeking out a healthy love relationship—to want to change yourself for the better. You think that a new haircut will make him fall in love again... a pretty dress will turn heads... an extreme diet and exercise regimen will make you worth loving. And these things can put an extra bounce in your step. But the best way to attract love into your life is to live your best life, a life in which romantic love is just the cherry on top. Has your social life—or lack thereof—been holding you back from love... and from overall happiness? We asked three experts for tips on how you can evaluate your social habits, and change them for the better.

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Do You Like Your Looks? How To Get Real About Looking Your Best

When we're living our best lives, it's easier for others to fall in love with us, or to feel happier with the life they're sharing with us. But how do you know how to find that ideal, authentic version of yourself? We asked three experts to share their tips. Here, YourTango Experts provide practical advice on making peace with your looks.

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How To Ditch Negative Thoughts About Love

Positive thinking isn't something we're born knowing how to do. As we grow into adults, we often learn to expect negative outcomes as a means of protection. As Alisa Bowman, YourTango Expert & author of Project: Happily Ever After, says below: both negative and positive thinking are self-fulfilling prophecies. In relationships, it's easy to fall into a routine of negative expectations, but if it's a positive outcome we're after, it's time to ditch the negative and start practicing positive thinking.

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Lose The Baggage! How To Get Over Past Relationships [VIDEO]

Dating and relationships can be frustrating and, often, downright painful. What single hasn't dreamt of a fairy dating coach swooping in to help her let go of baggage and find the happy, healthy relationship she craves? For Nadette, a 45-year-old casting director who just recently ended a year-long engagement, that dream became reality. Nadette entered and won YourTango's Love Life Makeover contest, earning the privilege of taking on a 31-day love life makeover with Dr. Diana Kirschner, bestselling author and renowned relationship expert. In this episode, Dr. Diana helps Nadette let go of unhealthy dating patterns in order to help her get over her past relationships.