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Congrats! If You Do These 9 Things, Your Relationship Is Healthy

Congrats! If You Do These 9 Things, Your Relationship Is Healthy

There are endless traits and behaviors that are emblematic of a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Most of us know what they are (even if we forget to practice them!), such as listening to one another, laughing together, using humor (especially during arguments), having regular sex, going on dates, etc. There are 9 habits that couples who have truly awesome relationships have in common.

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10 Beauty Essentials For Date Night (And Beyond)

Grab your makeup bag and dump it out. Now think about which of the products you're looking at are absolutely essential, and set them aside. Are there beauty tools you can't live without? Chances are, you just set aside most of the stuff in there. Well, sometimes it helps to simplify your life — and your beauty routine. As a professional makeup artist, here are my recommendations for what you really need to carry in that cosmetics bag, especially if you're getting ready for a big party or date night, and just can't seem to get your many products together.

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5 Perfect Late-Summer Date Ideas

Summer may be coming to a close soon — way too soon, if you ask us — but that doesn't mean you can't go out, live it up and have fun to make the best out of these last days of warmth and freedom. So why not go on a romantic, "late-summer-night's dream" date? After all, according to our recent Irresistible You survey, 40 percent of you feel your significant other has the most confidence in your relationship when you offer him your undivided attention.

How To Get Back Your Ex [VIDEO]

How To Get Back Your Ex [VIDEO]

Episode six is the emotionally-charged conclusion of the Love Life Makeover Challenge, and starts with a profound realization from Nadette: she doesn't just want all of the qualities she's looking for in a man. She wants one specific man... her ex-fiance. Will Dr. Diana Kirschner be able to reconcile them? Or are they just not meant for each other. Find out!


How To Start Dating Again After A Breakup [VIDEO]

Episode five of the Love Life Makeover video series shows YourTango's Love Life Makeover winner, Nadette, testing out her new dating skills on a series of first dates. After ending a year-long engagement, Nadette is eager to move on from her breakup and get back on the dating scene. Relationship expert Dr. Diana Kirschner coaches Nadette on how to have a successful first date.

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5 Tips For An Irresistible Online Profile

Whether you're using the internet to find love or to find new activities and buddies to do them with, it's of chief importance that your profile sings the virtues of the real, uninhibited you. Throughout the course of the 31-Day Love Life Makeover, YourTango Experts have offered tips on how to set new goals for your relationship, how to get over an ex, the best way to communicate, how to behave on a date and how to present your sexiest self. YourTango Experts' final set of advice is all about presenting your best self online. Here's how it's done.

How To Create A Social Calender That Leaves Room For Love

How To Create A Social Calender That Leaves Room For Love

The key to improving one's social love life, whether dating or in a relationship, is to treat it like any other important project. Determine your long-term social/dating goals. Break each goal down into specific, measurable, attainable, relevant objectives. Select activities that can accomplish your objectives.

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Is A Cluttered Closet Damaging Your Love Life?

It's up to you to choose what will occupy space in your life. Ask yourself one simple question: is this sweater, dress, old love letter, friend, belief, or attitude adding to your life in a positive way? If the answer is no, toss it. You may feel a pang when you throw away the pictures of an ex, or a favorite dress that no longer fits, or even a friendship that's more toxic than healthy, but you'll also feel liberated of the physical and emotional burdens those things bring.