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"Well....hello there, married lady."

Confession: I Have a Crush On a Married Woman

I'm separated now, on the brink of divorce from a woman I was married to for almost a decade. We've been split up for almost a year and so in a lot of ways it would seem that any crushes I might be having on women I meet around town, or even just girls I know through Facebook ought to be natural and healthy occurrences.


Hookups Really CAN Lead To Marriage, Says Science

Think a one night stand could be marriage material? Well, maybe. According to a new report from the National Marriage Project, almost a third of married pairs were originally a hookup. The study recruited over a thousand adults between the ages of 18-34 in 2007 and 2008. Then they followed them over the course of five years, closely studying the 418 adults who got married within that time.

15 Ways Guys Say 'I Love You' Without Actually Saying It

15 Ways Guys Say 'I Love You' Without Actually Saying It

Men are mysterious creatures, at least to us ladies. They can be as effusive as women (ok, sometimes), and other times they clam up. And there is one topic that makes men go into silent mode more than any other. And that subject? Love, of course. Love makes fools of us all, men and women equally. However, women are more prone to expressing their feelings. It's just how we roll. We like to put it all on the table. Men, on the other hand, will sometimes show their love for you in non-verbal gestures.

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20 Quotes That Perfectly Explain Your Love

Although love is an emotion that can't be easily explained, it is the seed to other growing emotions; whether it's anger, sadness or happiness. All those emotions are evoked from some type of love. When you’re riding the high of love your smile always meets your ears, topped with that warm, tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach. But when you're on the downside of the rush, it feels more like a thousand burning needles to the heart (um, maybe a big of an exaggeration, but not by much!).

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20 Powerful 'I Love You' Quotes That Get Straight To The Heart

I love you: Those three little words can take weeks, months or even years to say - no matter how much you care about someone. You've seen it done in the movies, on TV shows, in books and you've even uttered it in past relationships. But when it comes to saying it with someone new, it can feel just like the first time. Is it too early? Too late? The right time? The right setting? Will they say it back? It's also three of the most beautiful words a person can utter or hear.


8 Tips To Help You Kiss Like A Pro

There's nothing worse than a sloppy kiss. The moisture, the rogue tongue going every which way, the groping hands. It's enough to make you shiver (and not in the fun way). Do you really want to be known as the Face Licker, or the Tongue Stabber? No, we didn't think so. No human on earth wants that. You (and the rest of us, really) want to be known as a fantastic kisser, as the man or woman who is the master of both the slow, sensual kiss and the wild, passionate make out. You want to be the person that others actually want to smooch on.