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"The more work you put upon your bridesmaids, the more you're likely to argue. Just don't"

10 Honest Truths About Planning A Wedding

We talked to a few engaged and recently married women about some of the lessons they learned from planning their own wedding, and these are the lessons we'd like to impart unto you.

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10 Destructive Relationship Habits To Give Up For Lent TODAY

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the 40-day period of Lent. Even if you're not a Christian, the idea behind the season is interesting. It's a time of giving up vices and substituting more positive behavior in their place. Where better to try this out than in our relationships? Every couple has their struggles, but here are 10 bad habits of action and communication that most couples could stand to give up.

9 Not-So-Obvious Things That Threaten To Destroy Your Marriage
These little acorns soon grow into great BIG trees

9 Not-So-Obvious Things That Threaten To Destroy Your Marriage

Everyone knows that marriage takes work. That's obvious. But a huge misconception is that only BIG things will derail your marriage: infidelity, addiction, adultery, etc. Quite often, you don't see the little things chip, chip, chipping away at you once-solid relationship foundations when in reality, it's those tiny things that eventually erode your relationship from within - without you even realizing it! - until years of petty resentments finally explode. Here's a few tiny earthquakes to watch out for:

10 REALLY Irritating Questions To Never Ask a Woman (Like, Ever)

10 REALLY Irritating Questions To Never Ask a Woman (Like, Ever)

You're standing in front of a woman — maybe she's a relative, or a new acquaintance, or a perfect stranger — and you're about to ask her a question. Something to spark a conversation, illicit a response. Now before the words stumble out, ask yourself one thing: Is this a good question, or an annoying question?


10 Little Things That Make Us Feel BEAUTIFUL

When is the last time you felt really, really good about yourself? If it takes you a minute, or five (as it did with some of the women featured in this story), or you can’t manage, to recall (as it did with a surprising amount of others), you’re well overdue. Whether it’s having achieved something they worked hard for or just appreciating the little parts of themselves that make them uniquely special (as one woman put it, “sometimes, you just need something to get dressed up for”), ten women reveal the moments during which they’ve felt, and