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wedding party

You Can Now Officially Walk Down The Aisle In A 3-D Wedding Dress

When we think about the designing and the creation of bridal gowns we typically picture people sewing and beading nonstop for months on end. Just so one bride could get the gown she has been dreaming of in order to celebrate one of the biggest days of her life. It's such a delicate process that you have to order the dress months in advance if you don't want to buy off the rack! But now it looks like the bridal gown industry might experience a big change to where dresses can be made in just one week, all thanks to 3D printers!

woman drinking diet coke

Bad News Bears: Your Diet Soda Is Making You Fat

It's really tough to tell what is actually helping or hurting your chances of losing weight, and it's not your fault! The food industry and the diet industry make it so in order to get your money. But a new study has found that the diet sodas you like to drink in order to have your sweet drink and lose weight too—isn't helping, but hurting you!

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7 Must-Have Traits Guys Don't Know They Need In A Woman

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that most guys—if asked—would prefer to be in a relationship with a younger woman who’s got an attractive face, is fun loving, has a sexy manner, great legs, awesome personality, rocking body and bedroom eyes with a “come hither” smile. However, the problem with that wish list is that it’s ultimately unsustainable. Here are seven desirable traits for consideration that can endure for the long term.