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7 Things Women Do To Ruin A First Date

We knew the ladies would have a lot to say about the first date don'ts they won't stand for — but we were pretty surprised to hear the things that these 8 guys listed as first date dealbreakers! Read on to find out what caused them to permanently lose their date's number.


I'm An Occasional Phone Snooper — And Science Says I'm Not Alone

A study of 13,132 Americans, who are in relationships, found that — BREAKING NEWS! — people snoop around in their partner's phones. Although only one in five men admit to the behavior, it's the women, at 25 percent, who really get in there looking for some details about what their guy does when she’s not around.

married to a mute

What It's Like Being Married To A Mute

I can still vividly remember the chilly New Year's Eve when my husband and I met. Because we were two of the tallest people in the Irish pub, we managed to gravitate toward one another like giraffes under the influence of cheap champagne. His eyes were pretty and I respected him for not once looking away from my glittery eyelashes to my glittery low-cut blouse. We talked for hours that night and tackled really important subject matter: Roth or Hagar? Summer or Winter? Democrat or Republican? Ax Murderer or No?

Only 50% Of Women Can Locate Their Vagina — And That's Not OK

Only 50% Of Women Can Locate Their Vagina — And That's Not OK

A recent study by The Eve Appeal, a women's cancer charity, has found some terrifying statistics about just how much women do not know about their bodies; their reproductive organs, to be exact. Of those surveyed, only half of the women between the ages of 26 and 35 could find the vagina on a medical diagram. I wish this was a joke, but it's not.

smoothie bowls

Smoothie Bowls: The Sexiest, Healthiest New Food Craze

A cross between colorful smoothies, and a bento box, they're basically a cold soup. Made exclusively with raw veggies, organic fruits, and other superfoods, smoothie bowls come topped with a beautiful array of fresh chopped toppings. Fruits, nuts, hemp and chia seeds, cacao nibs, and other colorful fruits are arranged on top of each bowl.