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"The younger guys, in my experience, treat you better than the older ones."

Talking Numbers: What Women Really Think … Of Your Age

We asked some women their thoughts on age. Although the first few who responded did so with a simple, "Older!" and nothing more, once we got the conversation going, we realized older isn't always better, and preferences aren't exactly what we thought they were.

You'll be surprised about what they have to say about the color purple.

Decor Dilemma: How Your Wall Color Is Ruining Your Sex Life

If you read '50 Shades Of Grey' and thought, "Wow, they're having way more sex than me!" you're not alone. You're also probably normal — Anastasia and Christian are not the average couple. But that doesn't mean you can't pump up the bedroom excitement with a small décor change. If your love life has been feeling a little drab lately, this part of your house may be responsible.

Just one of the amazing photos eHarmonyUK received.

Love Captured: A Stunning Photo Contest Out Of Britain

In celebration of their five-year anniversary, eHarmonyUK recently ran a photo contest asking for images that captured the spirit of love. Whether it be a photo of a couple in love, or something as simple as a sunset, eHarmonyUK wanted to see it.

Naughty quotes from naughty writers!

9 Quotes About Life, Love and Sex From Erotica Writers

Ever wondered what erotica writers think about in their spare time? Well, wonder no more, because we've gathered up our favorite quotes from erotica writers, and they are talking all about love, life, sex and everything in between. From Anaïs Nin to Sylvia Day, they're all here!