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Romance requires a little work.

7 Ways Get Over The Honeymoon Hump And Find REAL Love

Honeymoon phase over? Navigating the storm (and keeping the spark alive!), aren't as difficult as you'll make them out to be. We talked to YourTango expert Julia Flood, owner of New Start Therapy, and got some tips on how you can keep those flames burning all relationship long.

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9 Easy Ways To Take Sexy Time To The Next Level

It's been said that sex is like pizza—even when it's bad, it's good. And while we've absolutely had a few encounters that feel firmly on the side of bad, for the most part, we're rather inclined to agree. But even when something is better than so-so, that doesn't mean we don't want to improve it. Hell, we'd love to make great, greater—and where our sex lives are concerned, there's a lot we can do to make what's already steamy downright explosive.

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Sharing your desires may be the key to a hotter sex life.

30 Sexy Fantasies To Turn Into Reality, STAT!

Whether you've been together for two years or sixteen, you know how important passion is in your relationship. But did you know how key fantasies are in having a happy relationship? Being able to communicate your desires to your partner, keep things new and add imagination to sex will do wonders for you—both in the bedroom and outside.

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Did you know? Faking isn't always a bad sign for your sex life.

7 Things You Definitely Didn't Know About Faking It

Are either sexes benefiting from a false finish? What's the motivation? And who are the biggest fakers of all? There's a lot of curiosity surrounding the topic and several studies have illuminated some remarkable facts as researchers look to getting to the bottom of faking it.

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A New Study Says Women Suck At Grammar In Online Dating

It's not good to generalize, but if someone asked you which gender is most likely to not spell check his or her messages or dating profiles, which would you pick? I would definitely assume men! But it looks like I'm wrong and men win this one. Ladies, you are seriously slacking in the grammar department while online dating and the reason is looking suspicious.

5 Undeniably Rude Things To Never, EVER Say To A Single Lady
I'm not listening!

5 Undeniably Rude Things To Never, EVER Say To A Single Lady

Every time she hung out with her single female friends, the same gripes surfaced. Enough already with the how-to-snag-a-guy advice streaming from anyone and everyone as soon as status single was announced, they said. Suddenly, Karin Anderson, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Concordia University Chicago, found herself keeping track of what these single women were saying, replacing the strict academic research techniques she was used to with more informal polling.

If You Work One Of These 5 Jobs, Your Love Life Probably SUCKS

If You Work One Of These 5 Jobs, Your Love Life Probably SUCKS

If you're a fan of soap operas, specifically Falcon Crest or The Bold and the Beautiful, you may be familiar with long-haired lover-boy Lorenzo Lamas. Well, things aren't going to great for the soap star; in fact, the drama has spilled out of the daytime and into his real life. Back in 2002 Lorenzo was on his fourth wife (anyone know what number he's on now?), Playboy model Shauna Sand. They divorced after the unlucky hunk learned wifey was having an affair with Lorenzo's 18-year-old son, A.J., according to Star. How's that for life imitating art?