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The Truth: Does More Makeup Make You Look Older Or Younger?

Once again eBay Fashions decided to put an end to all that inner querying you’re having about what look works best for you. Similar to their experiment with "Peacocking," eBay Fashions took 12 women and had them pose sans makeup, with professional makeup, and totally glammed up to the nines. Then they brought in 1000 respondents to give their input on each look. Not too surprisingly, women get judged big time for their choice in makeup.

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I Wasted My 20s Dating The Married Dad I Nannied For

I Wasted My 20s Dating The Married Dad I Nannied For

I know. I know it's not the best thing in the world to be dating a guy twice your age. Especially when he's married and you work for his wife. I KNOW. Cut me a little slack though wouldja? I was nineteen and lonely and he did everything within his million-dollar power to charm the pants right off my perky young frame.

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Sorry, but I'm in the middle of a really good book right now.

Better Than Sex? 11 Things People Would Rather Do Than Get Busy

A new study revealed that people would give up sex for a month to avoid haggling over the price of a car. What other things are triggering "not tonight, honey" excuses from both men and women? We count down some of the better-than-sex activities.

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Everyone Needs To Talk About Sex More — Even Virgins

A new study conducted by the American Sociological Association found that talking about sex, even to virgins, is very important. You may have chosen to take a purity vow and keep things, well, "pure" for your future husband or future wife, but it doesn't mean you can ignore the fact that you're a sexual being and in being as such, you need to have a discussion about sex.

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The Most Realistic Back-To-School Shopping List You'll Ever See

It’s already that time of year; back-to-school time! Parents begin thinking about returning their kids to school while simultaneously dreaming of returning their houses to some semblance of normal. Preparing to return the kids to school isn’t as easy as it sounds. Doctors’ appointments have to be made for booster shots and physicals.  New clothes have to be purchased so the kids can return to school in style…or at least return to school in clothes that actually fit.

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The Reason 67% Of Married Women Want To Cheat

As with any dating site, AshleyMadison definitely does their research. Anderson and his fellow scientists, looked into 100 straight, married, women between the ages of 25 and 45 to see why it is that women cheat. I mean, why not just get a divorce? What they found was that 67 percent of the women just want some passion (and sex) back in their lives again.