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I still remember the first message: "How did I get matched with someone as cute as you?"

How My Tinder Prince Swept Me Right Off My Feet

It had become something of a mechanical game. I'd skim the bio, look through a few pictures, briefly glance over the shared interests and make a quick, five-second choice. Did he look friendly? Did he have good style (snapbacks and wife-beaters were an automatic swipe left, FYI)? Did I find him attractive? Was his bio cute, cliché (womp womp), or funny? Most importantly, could I picture myself actually connecting with this guy?


Happy Howl-oween! Vote For Your Favorite Pet Costume!

Oh my god it's almost Halloween! And you know what that means. Howl-oween is upon us! It’' time to vote for you favorite pet costume. From dogs dressed as tacos to hedgehogs all done up as Dracula, we've rounded up our absolute favorite pets in costume. But we can't pick a winner on our own, which is where you come in.

ice cream

10 Things We Tell Ourselves About Why We're Not Skinny

What tastes as good as skinny feels? The answer is not nothing, no matter what Kate Moss wants you to think. The answer is anything and everything from cupcakes to pizza. We've all pretty much heard — and given — every excuse under the sun to explain why we're not skinny. This week it was because our boss just would not stop with the late-night meetings and next week, our best friend's recent breakup will definitely be to blame (sympathy eating with your bestie is a thing, guys; I don't care what you say).

from The Conjuring
This doesn't make for a romantic moment.

True Horror Dating Story: An Actual Ghost Crashed My Date

True story: I was out with my girlfriend and we saw a ghost. It wasn't a planned part of the date, either. It's not like I was like "Hey, let's do something special tonight and go find a wandering spirit!" We're not that kind of white people who go hunting for stuff like this (though those people do exist and make lots of bank on cable networks). This ghost was crashing our date, which was both rude and terrifying.

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How To Release Your Inner Nerd To Find 'The One'

In a world full of intelligent women, we have been taught to sometimes dumb ourselves down for the sake of finding a man. However, this kind of thing is attracting the wrong types of guys and it helps play into false stereotypes. In order to find a good guy, you must be open about who you really are.