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man wearing cologne

Cologne, Yes Or No? One Newly Single Guy Debates Male Sex Appeal

I'm a middle-aged divorced guy, newly single and somewhat curious about how to avoid getting the shaft the next time the DJ calls for a couples skate, if you know what I mean. As my life settles into vastly different grooves maybe, just maybe, it's time for me to use the power of the mystcial mist from Macy's to reel in some very beautiful fish.

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The Secret To A Long Life? Having Awesome Friends (Says Science)

If you're one of those people who wants to live forever, or at least as close to forever as possible, then you need to get some awesome friends. Not just friends who are awesome to you, but friends who basically think you're the best thing coming down the street; friend who think you're awesome to them, too. It's the friends who think highly of us who, in a roundabout way, make us live longer, so says science.

vintage office hookup
Planning to seduce that guy from the graphic design department this holiday?

The Ultimate Guide To Hooking Up At Your Office Holiday Party

People are getting it on at the office even without the holiday spirit pumping through their somewhat drunken veins. If that's the case all year round, the holidays bring out the sexy times even more. So, if you're planning to seduce that guy from the graphic design department this holiday, where should you do it? Our guide is here to help.

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"Putting your hands down your pants while we're lounging on the couch." - Sarah, 33.

13 Annoying Things We Let Slide Because We Love You

You make compromises to keep the relationship strong. Sometimes this means putting up with odd or annoying behavior you're only ok with because he's your boo. You know, the "I love you, even though you..."-kind of things. Below, 13 women share what they'll let slide.

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I'm Offended By The UK's Porn Restrictions—And You Should Be Too

After the UK's decision to ban certain sexual acts, we as a people need to evaluate our government. They've taken censorship too far by telling the people what they can and can't enjoy in the privacy of their own homes--it's far from an act to "protect the people." If they begin to take away our rights to have sex however we please, what does the future hold when it comes to censorship?