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Are Strange Quirks Endearing Or A Dealbreaker?

Fortunately enough for me, I'm not chasing men away with my hang-ups, but I wondered how many people would be chased away from someone who had phobias that they just couldn't get a handle on. I asked the ladies their thoughts on the subject. Could someone with strange quirks stand in the way of true love for them? Or is there something endearing about the person who washes their hands 30 times a day and follows every sneeze with a knock on wood?

bike to work

Could Biking To Work Be The Best Thing For Your Relationship?

End of summer got down? Or maybe things just aren't going your way at work or on the home front? Well, you know what you need then? A bike! Yes, that's right! A bike! Not only will you be kicking your carbon footprint in the butt and sending it packing, but it's going to do wonders for your emotional, mental, and physical state, too.


10 Tips For Building Loving Relationships

What is love? That is an incredibly difficult question to answer. Throughout our lives we learn what it is to love from many different sources. People such as teachers, family members and lovers are all held responsible (to some degree) for the way we interpret love and interact with it when it’s in our presence. Whether through direct or indirect actions, it all counts for something!


11 Women Reveal Their Craziest Sex Stories

Oh me, oh my, the things people do. As a general rule, the human race can get up to some pretty strange business. Especially in bed. And we've got the sex stories to prove it! 11 women told us their craziest, wildest, most downright freaky tales of lust. These ladies spilled their secrets, big time. From an armpit-licker to a hot mess of a human-gorilla, we've got the wacky sex stories you need to hear. We're not pulling any punches here; the stories we've rounded up really happened, to women of all ages, all over the country.

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Science Of Love: Here's The Secret To A Successful Relationship

In a recent study, scientists found that not only do close relationships make for happier people, but they also contribute to our overall well-being. Those who have intimate relationships are better able to achieve goals and, with the support of their loved ones, they have higher self-esteem, less stress, and feel a greater sense of purpose. It's also these people who, if they have a major setback in life, are able to bounce back faster and stronger, thanks to those relationships. Scientists call this SOS or "source of strength."

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The Death Of My Alcoholic Father Made Me A Better Mom

My father was hilarious and creative and the best friend that a guy with a truck stuck in a ditch at 4 am could have. He was intelligent and hard-working and the life of the party. He could strum a guitar and build a tree house and fix a satellite dish. He was a great friend and employee, and I thought he was a great father. It wasn't until I grew up that I realized he was a crappy dad and husband.