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Elizabeth Smart
Human Trafficking

Elizabeth Smart: Human Trafficking Is A Crisis We Can All Prevent

This week, Smart (not Elizabeth Smart-Gilmour actually) took to another podium to not only talk about the human trafficking crisis and sexual abuse, but just how important law enforcement, health care professionals and social workers are in not only getting justice for victims, but getting them the necessary support they need to go back into the world. The conference held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was to bring to light the human trafficking trade that has been on the rise due to the increased amount of oil workers in the area. Estimation puts human trafficking at a billion dollar per year business, and one that all of us can help prevent through education and awareness.

healthy avocado recipes
You + Avocado = Love.

10 Sexy Ways To Eat An Avocado In 60 Seconds Or Less

Avocados are one of the best foods ever for keeping you satiated (all that natural fat so you won't snack as much), adding healthy natural fats to your diet (fat-free is a little 1980s), and power-punching your diet with antioxidants (cancer-fighting food ninjas) And the best part? You can make a ton of different variations in 60 seconds or less. We've gone and made this easy for you. Here's 10 of the fastest super-healthy, crazy-sexy avocado recipes.

dog tongue out

17 Dogs Who Are Having The Most YOLO Summer Ever

Pools, beaches, BBQs, boats, floats, sun, sand, ice cream. I mean, is summer absolutely awesome or what? And now that it's sadly coming to a close, we can't help but wonder if we took advantage of the season to its fullest. Did we spend enough time in the sun? Did we eat all the burgers we could? Did we drink enough lemonade? Should we have stayed on that boat for another hour or three? Did we travel enough? And most importantly: Did we do summer right?!