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Tell 'Em How You Feel

Looking to make an impression this Valentine's Day? You've got just enough time to order an unforgettable card from Offensive + Delightful. Sentiments such as, "I love you, you son of a bitch" and "You're fucking wonderful...Seriously" are complemented by top of the line cardstock and beautiful graphics. Owner Olga Krigman states these cards are "intended only for close friends, family members, lovers, neighbors, interesting strangers, the intelligentsia, those with highly developed senses[s] of humor, and of course, those of us who really get a kick out of life." Check out the full line oplusd.com.

How To Break Up...

While perusing YouTube yesterday, we came upon the genius video, "How To Break Up with Your Girlfriend in 64 Easy Steps." It sums up so many previous relationships...eerily familiar.

Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell

Contrary to the jabs by your own guilty conscience, you're not the only one that's done something worth confessing. TrueHookupConfessions.com is the premiere spot on the web to spill your guts in the format of a post, and then get honest feedback on it - or maybe even a couple of "me too"s.

socially conscious green valentine's day

Bleeding Heart V-Day Gift Ideas

Does a store-bought card make you think of deforestation? A bouquet of flowers conjure images of pesticide pollution? Whether for yourself or your Al-Gore-inspired Valentine, here are three gift ideas that will keep the conscience clean and happy.

Sexy As Heel

Researchers claim that high-heeled shoes not only tone the legs and strengthen the pelvic muscles, but they “directly work the pleasure muscles which are linked to an orgasm.” Not a bad perk added to an accessory that we females already lust over.

Super Bowl vs. World Cup

Whether you watched every minute of last night’s Superbowl or spent your evening tucked away in a bookstore, as one Tango staffer did, chances are you have strong opinions for or against football madness. But more importantly: how do you feel about the players? One of our favorite, tell-all bloggers, FunkyBrownChick, today tackles a question that’s been circulating at least since high school, when sports factored into one's social status: Who’s hotter – football players or soccer players?

Does Ovulation Make Us Slutty?

Does Ovulation Make Us Slutty?

According to the latest issue of Scientific American Mind, recent studies have shown that women appear—and even smell—better to males while at their most fertile. A University of Mexico study found that female strippers even score twice as much in tips if they gyrate while ovulating. But apparently we don't strut our stuff on a conscious level: Another new study by Meghan P. Provost, a psychologist at Mount Sinai Vincent University in Halifax shows that women's walks were more attractive to men when they weren't in the fertile phase of their cycle.