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Kiss Him Only If He's Rich

Kiss Him Only If He's Rich

Blaming your parents for messing up your life is about as cliche as pointing out that kids speak the truth. A Divine Caroline post featuring children's advice on relationships reveals both ideas really are kinda sorta... true. The site polled a bunch of rugrats on the topics of love, marriage, dating and kissing. While utterly endearing, these responses also offer an interesting case to the nature/nurture debate about gender roles. Kids start picking up on relationship behaviors and attitudes long before they have the vocabulary to address what's going on.

Blow Up Doll Bandit

Search Is On For Blow-Up Doll Bandit

Today's weird sex news comes from Australia, where police are hunting for a man who broke into three sex shops, had sex with a blow-up doll named "Jungle Jane," and left the dolls in an alley near the stores. To perform his unusual crime, the man broke holes in the walls of the store and squeezed through the small opening. Instead of leaving pieces of wood and plaster everywhere, the polite fellow cleaned up the mess he created breaking through the wall.

sex after 40

Sex After 40 Is Smoking

Britain's Sun attempted to put a damper on middle aged sex by reporting older people have sex less. Thankfully, the paper interviewed three women who say they enjoy sex much better now than when they were a 20-something. They attribute this to body issues, insecurities, and not knowing what to ask for or how to ask for it. All three women agree that Samantha Jones type middle aged sex is definitely attainable for ladies over forty. And not just Jennifer Aniston.

man woman phone

You're Sexy. Have You Committed Any Felonies?

At what point in the dating process should you start looking into your crush's criminal record, professional history, and offshore investments? Is there any right time? And what will you find out if you choose to start poking around? The New York Times has some answers, and so do we.

The Hot Dog Theory Of Man

The Hot Dog Theory Of Man

Besides confirmation that ABC's The Bachelor producers are indeed a bottom-feeding lot (more on this later), viewers of last night's two-hour premiere walked away with some fascinating new tidbits about love. For those who don't watch, the premise of this season's show is that Jason, a 32-year-old single dad from Seattle got down on one knee for Deanna Pappas, the most recent Bachelorette, but was ultimately dissed for a younger, "gnarly dude" snowboarder (with whom Pappas has since split). Now, with 3-year-old son Ty in tow, Jason's back on the hunt. Among the love lessons learned last night? The hot dog theory of men, thanks to Jillian, a Canadian contestant, and "vision boards" are not this Bachelor's thing. Cleavage and love poems are, however.

long-distance marriage

Why Some Married Couples Live Apart

Last year we reported that tough economic times make long-distance relationships more difficult. As people struggle to make ends meet, finding cash for phone bills and plane fare has become more difficult. Well, ironically, in addition to making LDRs harder to sustain, the financial collapse has also made them more common. According to this weekend's New York Times, "commuter marriages," in which married couples live apart, are trending up, as the tough economy forces people to take jobs in far-flung locales, away from their spouses and in some instances, children.

Sex addiction

Inside The Mind Of A Sex Addict

An in-and-out of treatment center sex addict crushes any "pop-psychology" views anyone may have of a person so swimming in sex he knows nothing of "dry spells." The author has treated his sex addiction with therapy twice, and became so addicted to chat rooms and Internet porn he couldn't log off the computer. His sex addiction lost him jobs, boyfriends, and friends.

cheater fire

The Wrong Way To Handle A Cheater

An Australian woman faces murder charges after attempting to set fire to her husband's genitals. Under the impression that he was having an affair, she allegedly committed the act in a show ownership.

yoga better sex

How Yoga May Be The Answer To Better Sex

A recent study claims women who practice yoga and some of the eastern-based thinking techniques of mindfulness report more satisfying sex lives. Yoga is based off many of the positions of the Kama Sutra while mindfulness may quell an over thinking female mind to focus on the moment. Yoga has also been proven to cure premature ejaculation amongst a select group of men in India.

Everlasting Beer Goggles

Everlasting Beer Goggles

According to a study by researchers in Canada's Lakehead University women who consume an average amount of alcohol (40 drinks or so a month) are less adept at distinguishing facial symmetry—one of the biggies of attractiveness. Researchers think alcohol may permanently effects the way the brain process visual information, which includes facial symmetry.