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Help Me Find My Queen

VH1 will begin production on the first interracial dating show, airing in the fall of 2008, says EURweb.com. Now, if you watch far too much television (like us), you'll probably say, What about Flavor of Love? Girls of every race, creed, and color fawn over Flav one season after the next.

Dr. Laura is a Misogynist

Dr. Laura is a Misogynist

Why does Dr. Laura hate women so much? Did the popular girls pick on her in high school? Did her mother not give her enough love? At this point, I don't really care about her motives, I just want her to shut up.

A Perfect Lady Is Pretty, Blonde & Poor?

A Perfect Lady Is Pretty, Blonde & Poor?

A recent study of 66,000 men in the UK revealed the characteristic of an ideal woman. She's blonde, blue-eyed, tallish, medium build, good in bed, and doesn't make too much money. That's odd. We thought making money was desirable. Maybe their's too much power attached to it.

Thousands Forced Into Marriage

Love Buzz tends to have a tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted slant, but we like to address serious topics from time to time. Marriage and relationships can be weighty issues, you know? Reuters recently reported that close to 4,000 women have been forced into marriage in the U.K. and the government is cracking down. Apparently, forced marriage is a serious problem, and as we can imagine, difficult to identify due to fear and secrecy. In fact, it’s become such an issue that the government has dedicated a division, the Forced Marriage Unit, to unearth the troubling situations. In many cases, the victims do not know their “husband’s” identities and have no rights once they are legally wed.

Relationships Put to the Test

ABC set up some serious hidden cameras at a swank restaurant to capture female patrons’ reactions when flirtatious waiters take it a step too far—and right in front of said female patrons’ husbands. We’re talking unbuttoning of blouses and removal of wedding rings. (Ladies, please!) It was all part of a “What Would You Do?” episode of 20/20, and it has these couples reassessing their commitment. We haven’t seen it yet, but we’ll be tuning in tonight at 10 pm EST to see everyone squirm. Check it out here for more details and video previews…

Sexy, Smooth and Squeaky Clean

Although I love the flowery, fruity, vanilla-cakey scents out there that aromatically illustrate what a girly girl I am, it's commonly known that men love simplicity. The popular opinion, as I've found, is that there's nothing like pulling a woman close and taking a big whiff of "clean". "You know, that just-hopped-out-of-the-shower baby scent," one of my male friends explained, "I love that. It's just natural and effortless."

Hair Warning

Leggings, oversized sweaters, high waists, even pleats have found their way back into our closets as refreshingly updated takes on classic 1980s styles. Now, hold onto your hats -- or your hair, rather. There's a big, bad '80s hairstyle making a comeback across the pond. It's not the mullet but the perm. And, as style tends to travel West, that means the chemically curled mop just might be landing on our doorsteps very soon. A London Daily Mail reporter is fingering BBC police drama "Ashes To Ashes" for breathing new life into the otherwise dormant processing treatment. The main character, a female detective, travels through time back to 1981 after being shot in 2008. With the show named after a 1980 Bowie song, it's no surprise that the detective, pictured here, rocks the iconic 'do.

What's Your RQ?

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