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catch a cheater

Tech-Savvy Guide To Catching A Cheater

One in four women use technology to spy on their partner, according to a Virgin Media survey. Spy is a pretty strong word, since the results of this survey surely include time spent surfing Facebook (guilty, as charged!) texting and Twittering. If you do want to spy on your partner (and we can talk about trust issues later) YourTechStuff.com has prepared a list of gadgets that will help–and make you feel like Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt. Du du du… du du du. DU DU! Check 'em out:

7 deadly sins of marriage

7 Deadly Sins Of Marriage

Almost inevitably, you've all but deserted your New Year's resolutions—more sex, less bickering, more patience. But your marriage is still on the rocks. According to the married co-authors of Eight Lessons For A Happier Marriage, one of these seven deadly habits may be to blame.

bad sex

A New Way To Vent About A Crappy Lay

I bang the worst dudes (Sorry, Mom) is a website that's sort of like group therapy for all of us ladies who feel like we're the only ones hooking up with losers. The site updates daily with pictures of men (with a protective black bar over the eyes) and a little write-up of whatever horrid thing they did. While it may seem mean-spirited many of the descriptions about bad sex are so laugh out loud hilarious that it's almost worth it.

fashion turn offs

5 Fashion Choices That Turn Him Off

Do you reveal a lot of cleavage? Layer on the cubic zirconia? Wear fake eyelashes on a regular basis? If so, we have bad news for you: Marie Claire's guy blogger doesn't want to date you. His 5 fashion turn-offs include too much make-up, too much cleavage, too much sexiness (he uses a different word for this), celebrity emulation and gaudiness. We weight in with our male fashion don'ts.

empty wallet

Girlfriends of Ex-Wall Street Bankers Unite!

You know you might be a candidate for Dating A Banker Anonymous if you've suffered any of the following: a. Your Bergdorf's allowance has been halved. b. Bottle service has all but disappeared from your life. c. You depend on your boyfriend for the above indulgences. Such is the premise of the support group and blog that two ex-girlfriends of Wall Street types started after the market—and then their relationships—plunged. When they noticed other women complaining about the enhanced thriftiness, neediness and emotional instability of their banker boyfriends, they decided the girlfriends (dare we call them gold diggers?) needed some newfound support of their own. At informal meetings over cocktails, groups of twentysomething women gather to lament their downtrodden or unemployed I-banking men.

bible wedding bands rose

A Very Duggar Wedding

The oldest of the 18 Duggar children, Joshua, has just gotten hitched to his girlfriend Anna. Just as his parents taught him, he did not kiss Anna before marriage, welcomed chaperones on all their dates, and only held her hand with the family's permission. Will Joshua and Anna's future children be as obedient?

Racy Vegetarians Get No Superbowl Love

Racy Vegetarians Get No Superbowl Love

Do vegetarians have better sex? Vegetarians behind People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) say their meat-free diets make their sex lives superior, but NBC will hear nothing of it. The network rejected PETA's racy "Veggie Love" Super Bowl commercial, saying it depicts a level of sexuality exceeds their standards. (Was it the suggestion of asparagus penetration or the suggestive pumpkin licking?) Actually, NBC submitted a blush-worthy list of additional shots to be cut before the commercial is resubmitted. It included "touching her breast with her hand while eating broccoli," "pumpkin from behind between legs," "rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin," "screwing herself with broccoli," "licking eggplant," and "rubbing asparagus on breast." Lucky for Love Buzz, the commercial doesn't exceed our standards.