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What Do Guys Think About Dating? Ask Them.

Dating gurus and real-life married couple, Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, are hosting a free, month-long dating boot camp in New York City. The first event includes YourTango's own Tomfoolery blogger, Thomas Miller. He joins other men Tuesday night to discuss dating from the male perspective.

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4 Sneaky Ways To Put The Moves On A Guy

One of the questions women always ask me is whether hitting on guys is a good move. I know why they’re conflicted. We are socialized to believe that when it comes to the game of love, men should be on permanent offense. And I’ll admit that on the exceedingly rare occasions when a woman has approached me at the bar, I don’t know how to react. But that’s not to say women should play the role of damsel in distress when they spot Prince Charming. You just need to be strategic in your approach.

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How To Tackle Money Matters In Relationships

"Eventually, money affects every part of a romantic relationship. Where you live, where you eat, where you vacation, where your kids go to school and what car you drop them off in," says Bethany Palmer of The Money Couple who wrote, First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage. The tricky part is knowing at what point financial matters should enter your relationship and how to bring up money matters.

Dating As A Single Mom

5 Online Dating Tips for Divorced Moms

It's difficult enough to navigate the dating world when you're single; when you're looking to date again after a divorce, it's likely to feel even more tough. But with these 5 tips, you'll be able to navigate the world of online dating more easily, and will be more likely to find your perfect match the second time around:

Having Twins During The Recession

Having Twins During The Recession

"Snake eyes!" said the doctor, rubbing the ultrasound wand back and forth and rotating the monitor so that both my husband Marco and I could see. I had no idea what he meant, but apparently Marco got it right away.

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Technology: The New Compatibility Test

Compatibility was already complicated enough. She's an only-child; he's from a family of 12. He's a meticulous planner; she's fly-by-her-seat spontaneous. She's all urban; he's a rustic nature lover. But technology is fast adding an entirely new layer of compatibility for would-be couples. And it can suss out the potential for a relationship in a matter of dates, reports Monica Hesse for Washington Post Styles.

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The 8 Bachelorette Castoffs We'd Most Like To Date

We wish Jillian all the luck in the world as she attempts to turn reality television into romance. Where she fails, we're sure to find our next bachelor for season 15 of ABC's other hit, The Bachelor. Or perhaps there's the next Top Chef contestant in the mix. Stranger things have happened.

China To Debut A Sex Theme Park

China To Debut A Sex Theme Park

While not known for its sexual progressiveness, China has plans of steaming up its image and opening a bawdy sex-themed amusement park called Love Land.Love Land boasts a genital sculpture garden of sorts, sex education, exhibitions, "technique" classes, and we're hoping some sort of intercourse-related roller coasters, but no word yet on the "rides." Not surprisingly, this is leaving some Chinese ruffled, complaining the display are "vulgar" and will "make people sick." Who wants to eat lunch amongst a carved penis or vagina, they wonder. Those spearheading the theme park, however, say this is only for China's good. The park manager, Lu Xiaoqing, thinks the country needs to loosen up when it comes to sex, lamenting that while 60% of China's young people engage in premarital sex, only a heartbreaking 28% of women report experiencing orgasms. Li Yinhe, an expert on sexual attitudes at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences hopes this will usher in a more relaxed attitude toward sex as well. Historically, she says, Chinese aren't prudish but became so do to an influence of Western religious beliefs and a few abstinent-happy dynasties. It's time for China to bring sexy back, she thinks.