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When To Give Your Ex A Second Chance

Loads of couples breakup and then make-up and sometimes things work out great. But knowing when, and under what circumstances, to forgive and forget is key, and most of us won't know until we're thrust into that situation. Here are six scenarios to consider…

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How To Protect Yourself Against A Cheating Spouse

Before no-fault divorce laws, the courts considered sex something that was exclusive to marriage. A wife was protected from the negative consequences of adultery by criminal law, specific divorce laws that addressed adultery, and, in some cases, alienation of affection laws. With the introduction of no-fault divorce laws, the courts, for some reason, decided they had no business being involved in the issue of whether or not a husband was faithful, or the right of a wife to be compensated for a husband's cheating ways. In these times, what is a jilted spouse to do?

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Cross-Cultural Couples: At Higher Risk Of Divorce?

Academic research on cross-cultural couples has tended toward the negative, said Kyle Killian, an associate professor of psychology at York University, Canada's third largest, in an Alumni Matters article. But time has brought an increase in the number of intercultural couples as well as an increase in social acceptance.

Playing With KismetCards

Playing With KismetCards

If you're one to consult your Tarot deck before any big life decision, then you'll soon clear a space between your patchouli incense, astrological charts, and healing crystals for fresh packs of Love and Money Kismet cards. Created by Chiera King—a life coach, psychic medium and astrologer—Kismet (a Turkish word meaning destiny) Cards are meant to help thrash through the vines of life's uncertainties with insight to some of our most tired questions. Wonder why things aren't working in your current relationship? Ask the Love deck. Wonder why you can't for the life of you get promoted? Ask the Money and Career cards.

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A Bad Marriage Can Kill You

Turns out, being in a stressful, strained relationship not only increases blood pressure, it also increases the wives' cholesterol and obesity rates.

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Chirp Interpreted: Hint, Not A Love Song

Let's say a female antbird is hanging out with her male partner. The two lovebirds are perched there on a branch and along comes an attractive, single female antbird. The male starts to sing his song. But before attractive, single female antbird can even hear the first note, the male's parter starts singing over his song. This is in an attempt to "jam the signal" or interrupt her man-bird and prevent him from openly flirting, find researchers at the University of Oxford.

Below The Belt Growth Actually Works?

Below The Belt Growth Actually Works?

Apparently, the contraption known as the Andropenis (*cackle*) actually does what it claims—add length to a penis. Italian urologist Paolo Gontero recruited 15 men who willingly strapped on the plastic ring contraption for four to nine hours a day (!!!!!) for six months and all recorded about a half inch increase in the length of their erections and a .9 inches when the penis was flaccid. The results will be published in the March issue of the British Journal of Urology. As it turns out the idea of stretching the penile skin using traction, works just as well below the belt as it does with the gold-ringed necks off the Giraffe women of the Paduang tribe in Burma.

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Why Men Like Non-Traditional Sex

Finally. I thought I'd answer one of the big questions I've been asked over and over again, the question you ladies are dying to know the answer to. Are you ready? We want anal sex because if we ask you if we can, and you say yes, even begrudgingly, then that is awesome. I don't even know if the majority of guys even like anal sex, but that you'd say "yes" to such a dirty, unladylike request is what makes it oh-so-worthwhile.