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The 8 Bachelorette Castoffs We'd Most Like To Date

We wish Jillian all the luck in the world as she attempts to turn reality television into romance. Where she fails, we're sure to find our next bachelor for season 15 of ABC's other hit, The Bachelor. Or perhaps there's the next Top Chef contestant in the mix. Stranger things have happened.

China To Debut A Sex Theme Park

China To Debut A Sex Theme Park

While not known for its sexual progressiveness, China has plans of steaming up its image and opening a bawdy sex-themed amusement park called Love Land.Love Land boasts a genital sculpture garden of sorts, sex education, exhibitions, "technique" classes, and we're hoping some sort of intercourse-related roller coasters, but no word yet on the "rides." Not surprisingly, this is leaving some Chinese ruffled, complaining the display are "vulgar" and will "make people sick." Who wants to eat lunch amongst a carved penis or vagina, they wonder. Those spearheading the theme park, however, say this is only for China's good. The park manager, Lu Xiaoqing, thinks the country needs to loosen up when it comes to sex, lamenting that while 60% of China's young people engage in premarital sex, only a heartbreaking 28% of women report experiencing orgasms. Li Yinhe, an expert on sexual attitudes at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences hopes this will usher in a more relaxed attitude toward sex as well. Historically, she says, Chinese aren't prudish but became so do to an influence of Western religious beliefs and a few abstinent-happy dynasties. It's time for China to bring sexy back, she thinks.

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How Do Guys Feel About Privacy In A Relationship?

The other night, when I was having dinner with a guy friend who told me my engagement history might scare off some guys, we also discussed the issue of privacy in a relationship and how big of a deal it can be when that privacy is violated. He maintains that checking your partner's email, cell phone call log, and text messages is totally wrong, whereas I think it's wrong, but not pathological or evil. Frankly, I know many women who do the occasional cell phone check or email glance (and a few women who do oh-so-much more), but what about guys? Do they ever pilfer through their girlfriends' inboxes and Facebook accounts? I went to four taken guys on IM to find out.

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Best Of YourTango - Video, Blogs And More

With everything from date movies to sex toys, YourTango this week was just like great party—loaded, interesting and full of surprises. In case you were too busy filling up on cake, here's what you missed.

Free Viagra For The Unemployed

Free Viagra For The Unemployed

Pfizer—arguably the world's largest pharmaceutical company—announced today that Pfizer will offer free drugs (yes, even Viagra) to everyone who lost their jobs and health insurance since January 1st. Far away in the distance you can hear the whimpered cries of the guy who was laid off the last week of December. The drug company is planning on doling out 70 of their "most widely prescribed" drugs, free of charge, as long as you can a.) provide a pink slip and b.) sign a statement claiming money problems. This free lunch will continue for exactly one year, with enrollment open until Dec. 31st.

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The Truth About Date Movies

Ah, date movies. Your chance to escape into a world where men are gallant, or at least endearingly flawed; where lovelorn boyfriends throw rocks at windows; where a poor guy can marry a rich woman; and couples kiss in a field of green grass without noticing the rain on their faces.

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Acro-Yoga For Couples

Remember how much fun you had playing the airplane game as a child? There you were airborne, hoisted onto someone else's knees. Well, you can relive the fun now with your man through this acro-yoga workout. This newer variation of yoga starts with standard poses and then adds layers of influence from Thai massage and circus tricks.