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teen pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Rate Climbs

Government statistics show back-to-back increases in the birth rate for teens ages 15 to 19 in the U.S. The latest numbers tallied show an increase of 3.4 percent from 2005 to 2006; that's up from an increase of 1.4 percent from 2006 to 2007, reports The Washington Post. These two increases follow a 14-year decline.

woman doctor with shirtless man

Can A Patch Increase Your Sex Drive?

It seems in our world today, a lot of women (more than your think) have trouble becoming aroused. Call it stress, blame it on the economy, or fault low hormone levels, doctors are still trying to figure out why some ladies just can't get their sex drive.

man and woman on bench with laptop

Strangers Are The Best Decision Makers

A study was released from Harvard University today claiming strangers knows better than you on what will make you happy. The study claims if you haven't tried something (or someone) asking someone who has (and taking their advice) is a better choice than stubbornly trying it on your own and being disappointed. This is chancy and far-fetched, we know, but these researchers swear on their Ivy League credentials that experience is way overrated, and a word to the wise is just time saved in the end.

married couples filing taxes

Tax Advice For Newlyweds

Every couple needs to examine the pros and cons of how to file on their own and if the stress of it all becomes too much, you can always dig into that frozen wedding cake a few months early.

single woman covering ears
I'm not listening!

5 Things Single Women Hate To Hear

Every time she hung out with her single female friends, the same gripes surfaced. Enough already with the how-to-snag-a-guy advice streaming from anyone and everyone as soon as status single was announced, they said. Suddenly, Karin Anderson, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Concordia University Chicago, found herself keeping track of what these single women were saying, replacing the strict academic research techniques she was used to with more informal polling.

Are You Narcissistic?

Are You Narcissistic?

Being called "narcissistic"—stemming from the Greek mythical character Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection—isn't necessarily the most flowery of compliments. One automatically thinks of the guy who uses a spoon to gaze at his reflection during brunch, or the chick who can't bear to leave the house without a throng of male admirers—or any other combination of self-bloated annoyingness. Throw a rock hard enough and you'll find one (or twenty).

internet love trend

7% In U.S. Have Rekindled Love Using The Internet

Seven percent of people in the United States have rekindled a romantic relationship with the help of the internet, according to a new study. But the United States doesn't stand out when it comes to rehabilitating hook-ups from the past. The world-wide average was 14%. The country with the most internet-inspired love renewals? India. A full 37% of Indians say the web has helped them renew a past love. These numbers come from the 2009 Norton Online Living Report, which came out on March 17.

lovebytes 7

Love Bytes: Naked People At Weddings

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links. People on bikes with no clothes crash a wedding. Bridal party wonders about chafing. [Buzzfeed] A Pakistani gang-rape victim who shunned custom and rose to global fame by speaking out about her case has defied another local taboo. She just got married. [Huffington Post] Maybe Octomom isn't actually the most terrifying and irresponsible procreator on the planet after all. [Asylem] While everyone is in a twist over the reproductive havoc Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has wrought, it is only fair to point out that men have been burdening society with carelessly large broods since the beginning of time. Case in point: Travis Henry, the 30-year-old former NFL running back fathered at least nine children with nine different women, but can no longer pay child support, in part because he is currently facing 10-to-life on cocaine-distribution charges.